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The Holy Spirit Helps Us!

Last week we chatted about the spotted water hemlock—the deadliest plant in North America. One bite of this plant can kill someone within two hours. Of course, there are lots of things that seem good at first glance but end up being toxic. Toadstools sure look like mushrooms. But once eaten, you know what you […]

But It’s So Pretty!

The spotted water hemlock is labeled the most toxic plant in North America. People who eat it can die within just two hours. And it’s not an easy death. Here’s how Steve Brill (a NY-based foraging expert and tour guide of plants of the Northeast) describes what happens when someone eats spotted water hemlock: “Every […]

Burgers and Scripture

Like me, you may have memorized key Bible verses during your childhood. Perhaps it was in a Sunday school class or a summer time Vacation Bible School. I still have some of those Scriptures etched in my heart. But I admit, during my adult years, I’ve slacked off in memorizing Scripture. I’ve memorized other things: […]

Choose Your Influence

There are some weird names in the Old Testament: Eber, Peleg, Joktan, Hazarmaveth. . . . But the other day, I found one that really caught my attention: Evil-Merodach. I thought, Who would name their son Evil? So I did some research and discovered the word “evil” in his name has nothing to do with […]

Come Home!

My two mini-Schnauzers Obie and Amos (Obie is short for Obadiah—I call them my Old Testament prophets, Ha!), are precious to me. They make me laugh, help me unwind and always make me want to come home when I’m away. A few weeks ago, however, the guy who has been mowing my lawn for five […]

The Wrong Questions

A lot is happening in John chapter 6. Jesus has multiplied bread and fish. The disciples have climbed into their little boat to cross the Sea of Galilee while Jesus remains to spend time in prayer with Father God. A violent storm comes out of nowhere causing the 12 to fear for their lives. And […]

The Right Place

Jesus had just fed 5,000 men (the total crowd was probably close to 15,000 if women and children had been counted). He told His disciples to go ahead and cross the sea because He wanted some time alone with Father God to pray. At evening, the disciples climbed inside their boat and began the journey. […]

Liar! (Part 6)

In John’s short five-chapter book of 1 John, he describes six types of liars. We’ve already looked at four. Let’s take a peek at the next one: #5: People who say they love God but really love the world. “Stop loving this evil world and all that it offers you, for when you love these […]

Liar! (Part 5)

The apostle John mentions six types of liars in his short five-chapter book of 1 John. #1: People who say they’re Christians but actually walk in darkness. #2: People who claim they haven’t sinned because they've redefined sin according to culture’s standards.   #3: People who claim to know Jesus but don’t obey Him. #4: […]