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Right Concept, Wrong Idea #7

We’re taking a look at some well-known thoughts that we tend to misinterpret biblically. “God heals everyone who has enough faith.” God’s healing isn’t dependent on your faith. God can do whatever, whenever and wherever He wants regardless of you. Yes, He loves it when you express your faith in Him. And He loves to […]

Right Concept, Wrong Idea #4

We’re taking a look at some well-known thoughts that we tend to misinterpret biblically. “God is the only One who can judge.” (Part 1) Many Christians have become so afraid of being labeled judgmental, they have misunderstood what Christ said about judging! Only God can judge for condemnation. He’s the only One who has the authority […]

Right Concept, Wrong Idea #3

“It’s not God who sends people to hell; they send themselves.” That’s like saying, “Teachers don’t punish students who misbehave; they punish themselves.” Allow me to revert back to my third-grade self for a moment. As a student who was disciplined for talking in class, I can guarantee that I never punished myself. My teacher […]

I Can’t Wait!

It’s easy for me to get excited about spending eternity with Christ in heaven. But I’m also excited about something that comes before that: The Millennium. It’s the 1,000 years that we’ll get to live on earth with Christ in charge. Scripture tells us it will be a peaceful time. Christ will set His foot […]

Some What Ifs

Imagine this scene: It’s Sunday morning. People are gathering and finding a seat in your church. The music begins as some are still chatting in the aisles. Everyone joins in the familiar song. Excitement fills the sanctuary. God’s presence is among His children. Praise is lifted from the instruments as well as from hearts throughout […]

In Bondage

The Israelites—God’s chosen people—were in bondage a long time. “Now the length of time the Israelite people lived in Egypt was 430 years” (Exodus 12:40 NIV). The Israelites were slaves of Pharaoh, and he treated them harshly. He had them beaten and forced them to make bricks in the hot sun. They were tired, thirsty, […]

His Beautiful Creation

Throughout Scripture we’re often reminded of how God displays Himself through nature. We’re told that the trees of the fields will someday clap their hands in praise to Him. We read that every living thing will rejoice in our heavenly Father. One of the most exciting places I’ve seen God revealed in glorious nature is […]