Time at Home

I’m enjoying time off this month from traveling and speaking.

I don’t schedule myself to be off during the month of December—

I just don’t get scheduled anywhere.

And I totally understand.

Churches are busy with Christmas plans,


food drives,

and so many wonderful activities.


I enjoy being home and getting to attend church

with my brother and his precious family.


I love being with friends

and I’m enjoying taking Obie and Amos to the dog park.


This is a much-needed break for me.

But because fulltime evangelism (speaking fulltime)

is what I do for a living,

it means no income during the time I’m not speaking.


If God prompts you to donate to the ministry He had entrusted me,

I can send you a tax-donation receipt, because I’m a 501 C-3.

I hope you have an amazing Christmas season!

Know that I’m praying for you!

Yes, I’m serious!

If you’re receiving this blog—

I’m praying for you!

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Susie Shellenberger Ministries

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As I count my blessings this Thanksgiving,

I’m truly grateful for

the holy Trinity:

God, the Father, who created all things and who loves me

enough to send Jesus, His Son, to save me from my sin

and to die for me and grant me mercy, grace and forgiveness—

and the Holy Spirit who guides me daily

and reminds me of the Truth in Scripture

and who empowers me to live the Christian life.

I’m grateful beyond words that Christ is ALIVE—

that He actually conquered death

and is preparing an incredible home for me in heaven!

I’m so thankful for godly parents who have given me a wonderful spiritual heritage . . .

and my godly brother and his family

who love me and pray for me,

and for godly friends with whom I can discuss spiritual truths

and share prayers requests and burdens.

I’m grateful for YOU . . .

for reading my little blog week after week

and praying for me when God prompts you.

You’ll never know what a difference your prayers make

when I’m exhausted and lonely in a hotel room

and miles from home.

On a lighter note . . .

I’m thankful for the smell of brand-new shoes,

all the primary colors,

the taste of raw cookie dough,

the sounds of my two dogs

when we’re wrestling,


or talking,

OKC Thunder basketball games,

Stephane’s yummy tossed salad that no one can make like her,

Jennifer’s homemade dressing,

Kent’s special stash of cokes-made-with-sugarcane-sugar-in-a-bottle stored in the garage fridge,

and even the annual Thanksgiving family Ping-Pong tournament

that I never win.

God is good.


What are YOU grateful for?

Please share!

Three Strikes

We all know that three strikes = an out.

In 2 Kings 13:1-19, we find a fascinating story in the Bible

in which three strikes are used.


King Joash began his reign as a godly little 7-year-old who had been raised by the priest Jehoida. For most of Joash’s life, he did what was pleasing in the Lord’s sight. It wasn’t hard, because he had his very own priest guiding him.


But the end of Joash’s reign didn’t end so well.


Joash (also known as Jehoash) visited the prophet Elisha to inquire about Israel’s future. Elisha told him to shoot an arrow to the east indicating victory over the Syrians.


Then Elisha told him to take his arrows and strike the ground.

King Joash struck the ground three times, then he stopped.


Elisha rebuked him: “You should have struck the ground five or six times!” he exclaimed. “Then you would have beaten Aram until it was entirely destroyed. Now you will be victorious only three times.”


King Joash limited himself.

When we make the same mistake—by stopping too soon—two things happen:


1. Our Spiritual Growth Is Stunted

We settle for less than God desires.

It’s easy to become complacent and indifferent in our relationship with the Lord. We aim too low spiritually.

It becomes easy to place our spiritual lives in survival mode

instead of moving in dynamic spiritual growth.



2. The Mission of Christ Is Limited Through Us

The enemies of God (Moabites) would soon invade Israel after this event. When we stop too soon, we can cause the church (God’s people) to move backward instead of forward.

Israel would now begin to worship idols again.

God’s people would spiritually deteriorate.


Guess who NEVER stops too soon?


He is relentless.

He is always working overtime to thwart God’s people

and God’s plans.


Though Joash had been mentored spiritually by godly Jehoida,

after the priest’s death, Joash turned to idol worship.

When Jehoida’s son tried to get King Joash back on the right path, Joash sentenced him to death by stoning him.


Without God’s support, Joash didn’t have the military success he once had, and he was seriously wounded in battle when defeated by Syria. Not long afterward, King Joash was assassinated in his own bed by three of his officials.


Let’s not make the mistake of taking a wrong turn off of the narrow road that Jesus describes in Matthew 7:14.


Let’s determine together to be diligent!

God is looking for disciples who refuse to give up,

who will go the extra mile,

and who will live with a faith that moves mountains.


Will you join me in answering this call?



This weekend (in Temple, TX) is my last time to speak this year—

not by choice . . . but simply because churches don’t tend to

schedule extra events during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.


Though I’m looking forward to a much-needed break,

I’m not excited about no income coming in during the next month.

The Christmas season can be a tough time for evangelists.

Will you pray for me?

If God prompts you to donate to the ministry He had entrusted me,

I can send you a tax-donation receipt, because I’m a 501 C-3.


Susie Shellenberger Ministries
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Real Truth, Real Fast . . . Coming Soon!

Beginning in January, I’ll be sending out a weekly one-minute video
devotional video clip called “Real Truth, Real Fast.” I’m really excited
about and would appreciate you helping me pray about the content.

I want to continue to provide inspiring thoughts, Scripture and
challenge (as I’ve done with video devotionals in the past), but I also
want to motivate us to always go deeper in our relationship with Christ.

I’ll also continue to send out my little email devotional blog.

Three things to consider:

#1 Thing: If you’d like to schedule me to speak in your church,
please send me a message, or talk with your pastor and have him
contact me. Here’s what I typically do on a weekend:

Friday pm: Everyone
Saturday a.m.:  Ladies brunch and message
Saturday pm: Everyone
Sunday school hour: Some combined adult classes or youth group
Sunday morning worship service: Everyone

This gives me a total of five times to speak, and I’m seeing God do
tremendous things during these renewal weekends.


#2 Thing: If you’d like to participate financially to the ministry in
which God has entrusted me, I’d really appreciate it. You can use
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The Walking Dead? Pt 2

Part 2


When a dead man’s body was quickly tossed into the same grave as Elisha’s bones, the dead man immediately came to life, stood up and walked out of the cave-grave.
It’s a fascinating two-verse story found in 2 Kings 13:20-21.
Last week I mentioned that we can learn three important things from this little story. See last week’s blog for the first two. We’ll end the story with this final thought that we can apply to our lives.
Thing #3: God is using this truth to awaken US today!

Think about it: Have you ever made a dead man come alive?

Each one of us who have a genuine relationship with Christ should be reflecting His Spirit in our lives so much so that when non-believers come in contact with us, they can see Christ exemplified.


Are we seriously walking in the power of the Holy Spirit?

Are we bringing others into the knowledge of the resurrecting power of Christ?


Christ is still raising the dead.

And I’m convinced He wants to raise the spiritually dead people—who come in contact with us—to life in Him.




I’m speaking in Fairfield, OH this weekend.

It’s connected to Cincinnati. Thank you in advance for your prayers of God’s blessing and ministry!

The Walking Dead?

It’s an interesting story.

After Elisha the prophet was buried (and a few years had gone by), some Israelites were burying a man but noticed a gang of raiders quickly approaching. Knowing time was short, they quickly tossed the dead man’s body inside the tomb of Elisha and ran for safety.

(You can read the story in 2 Kings 13:20-21.)


The body of the dead man touched Elisha’s bones . . .

and that’s where this little two-verse story takes a fascinating turn!

As soon as dead body touched Elisha’s bones,

the dead man


came to life!


Coffins weren’t used by the Jews.

And the graves of the Jews weren’t holes dug in the ground

like those found in our modern-day cemeteries.

Dead bodies were usually tossed into caves—

and the mouth of the cave was shut by a large stone.



What can this interesting little story teach us?

Three things:


Thing #1:  Through giving life to the dead body through Elisha’s bones, God confirmed the authority and ministry He had given Elisha. We hope those who witnessed this miracle embraced

Elisha’s faith in God.


God had promised Elisha that He would give him a

“double portion” of the power that He had given to Elijah.

This final miracle fulfilled the promise of the “double portion.”


Thing #2:  This story also shows us that by Christ’s

death and burial, Christians can view the grave as a calm

and peaceful passage to eternal life.


We don’t need to fear death.

We will live forever with Christ.


And Thing #3? Ahhhh. That’s coming next week!




I’m speaking in Nixa, MO.

Thanks so much for your much-appreciated prayers!

What Is God’s Will?

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’
will enter the kingdom of heaven,
but only the one who
does the will of my Father
who is in heaven”
(Matthew 7:21 NIV).

Jesus clearly says in the above Scripture
that unless we’re doing the will of Father God,
we won’t enter the Kingdom.

The will of Father God is holiness.
And the only way we can live it is through His Spirit.
This is done by
total surrender to Him.
Giving up control of our lives.
Letting Him reign in every area.

We need to remember that the people Jesus was speaking to
in Matthew 7:21 were the religious.
In today’s terms—
they were the church-goers,
the ones participating on mission trips,
the ones who loved the praise and worship.
They were very, very good people.
But they weren’t on the narrow road
that Jesus talks about in the next two lines of Scripture.

And what’s frightening?
They didn’t even know they weren’t on the narrow road!

I don’t want to be one of those people.
That’s why I need to pray this daily:

“Investigate my life, O God,
find out everything about me;
Cross-examine and test me,
get a clear picture of what I’m about;
See for yourself whether I’ve done anything wrong—
then guide me on the road to eternal life”
(Psalm 139:23-24 The Message).


I’m speaking in Decatur, Ill., this weekend.
Will you pray for me?

Not Easy

In Matthew 7:14, Jesus proclaims that the gate leading to heaven is really small. And the road leading to that small gate is extremely narrow.

He goes on to say that few even find it!

How can that be?
We have millions in churches around the world every Sunday!

Could it be that most people who claim to be Christians
really aren’t even on the narrow road?

It’s not easy to be a Christian.
It’s not simply a matter of signing on the dotted line
and reciting words on a screen.

Redemption for sinners cost God His only Son.
It cost Christ His very life.
It will cost us no less.

Real Christianity—genuine faith—transforms the heart.
And when our hearts are changed, our behavior also changes.

Our desires change.
We no longer want the things the world has to offer.
Sin loses its appeal . . .
we hunger for holiness.
We yearn for more of Jesus.
Our hearts cry for intimacy with Him.

Priorities change.
It’s no longer about us.
It becomes all about Him.

EVERYTHING becomes about Him.
Our entertainment.
The way we relax.
How we dress.
How we spend our money.
The way we respond to injustice.

The narrow road isn’t announced
by a large exit sign on the interstate.
It’s found where we least expect it.
Sometimes thorns are seen growing next to it.
Sometimes we hug smelly people,
hold dirty hands
love those who are mean
in order to walk on the narrow road.

That’s hard.
But that’s where Jesus walked.
and I want to be inside His footsteps.








I’m speaking at the East Ohio District Ladies retreat this weekend.

Please pray for us.

He Holds my Hand

The psalmist struggled with seeing evil people prosper.
We’ve wondered about that as well, haven’t we?
Often times we see the wicked do well,
while the godly are left out, overlooked and forgotten.

While it often seems this way right now . . .
We must remember we live in a fallen world.
By striving to keep our focus on the future
and all that God has in store for His children—
we can live in confidence that He truly is in control.

You can see the psalmist wearing his feelings on his
sleeve when you read what he says in Psalms 73:21-23
as he struggles with watching the wicked prosper:

“Then I realized that my heart was bitter,

    and I was all torn up inside.

I was so foolish and ignorant—

    I must have seemed like a senseless animal to you.

Yet I still belong to you;

    you hold my right hand.”

Aren’t you comforted by this last sentence?
No matter what happens around you,
God reaches for your hand!

The psalmist says he’s bitter—all torn up inside.
We can identify, can’t we!
Who among us hasn’t felt like this?

He’s torn up inside because he’s trying to make sense
of what’s not right in the world around him.

But in the midst of his bitterness . . .
he comes back to one FACT:
God holds his right hand.

Even more incomprehensible than the wicked succeeding
is the FACT of God’s love.

He keeps loving us.
Continues to hold us.
Sustains us.
Shows us how to endure.

And through it all . . .
He never stops reaching for our right hand.

the God of all creation . . .
the Great I AM . . .
intertwines His fingers within ours.

And makes us one with Him.

This week . . . no matter what happens around you,
focus on the FACT that God holds your right hand!




My 95-year-old aunt just went to be with Jesus. She had a full life, taught at SNU and MANU, traveled the world and loved living. I’m so glad I’m home for three days. So glad I got to be with her, read the Bible to her, sing to her, kiss her forehead, and tell her she’d be with Jesus soon and our family would join her at some point. God is so faithful. He’s not only our hope . . . He is our living reality!

Jesus Went Away

We’re told in Luke 5:16 that Jesus often withdrew—
got away—

He sought time away to strengthen Himself in prayer.
If Jesus needed to get away . . .
how much more do WE need that?

That’s why I’ve put together the
“Friends & Family Getaway” cruise
through Susie Shellenberger Ministries.

Not only will this be a BLAST—
but it will also be a time of spiritual refreshment,

I’ll be speaking at our sessions—
along with fellow evangelist
Rev. Billy Huddleston.

You can still attend all the shows the ship offers—
but on top of that,
you get our own group’s sessions
with praise and worship
and messages to take you deeper spiritually.

The cruise isn’t until 2018.
So why am I telling you about it now?

Because I reallyreallyreallyreally want you to come.
And I’m hoping with this much advance notice,
you’ll have time to make it happen.

The dates are January 14-20, 2018.
We’ll depart from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
We’ll stop at four ports in the Bahamas AND
in the Dominican Republic.

The least expensive room for two people is $809 a person.

The cruise line let me give a $100 discount off the total cost
of the cruise for everyone who signed up by Oct. 1.
But that date has passed.

And yes, several have already signed up.
But YOU haven’t.
So the cruise line is graciously allowing me
to extend the $100-off deadline until Oct. 28.

That’s just three weeks away!
You can sign up by calling Carla at Priority  Plus Travel: 251-423-0900

You’ll need to make a $100 deposit—
and she’ll reserve your room—
and you’ll get $100 off each person’s cruise price in your group.

Why do I want you to sign up so early?
Because the cruise line will give up our empty rooms
to the general public.
By signing up this early, you help us keep the rooms.

And the best part?
EVERYTHING is totally refundable until Oct. 1, 2017.

This cruise is going to be an amazing spiritual retreat!
Will you pray about joining me?

If you want me to mail you an informational brochure,
please email me at: susieshell@comcast.net and give me
your complete mailing address—it’s a paper brochure that
I send through regular mail.

Anchors Away!


This weekend I’m speaking at a District Ladies retreat in Michigan.
I’d sure appreciate you praying for us.