God’s Gift

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had to say goodbye to my little gray Schnauzer, Obie, on April 30 of this year. God definitely helped Amos (my other Schnauzer) and I through the grieving process. Aren’t you grateful that God cares deeply about every area in our lives? When we hurt, He hurts […]

Good Choice or Best Choice?

When the time came for Lot and his uncle Abraham to part ways (their families, animals, servants, etc. had become so numerous the land could no longer support them), Abraham gave Lot first choice. “I’ll tell you what we’ll do. Take your choice of any section of the land you want, and we will separate […]

My Right . . . or God’s Will?

Abraham and his nephew Lot had numerous animals, servants, family members and crops. In fact, the area became so crowded the land could no longer support them. It was time to split. Abraham gave Lot first choice. “I’ll tell you what we’ll do. Take your choice of any section of the land you want, and […]

Can you help?

Hey, friends! Once in a while, I use this site to share something personal. And I want to do that today. Many of you know that each summer for the past 20 years, I’ve taken students and adults on two-week mission trips to Central and South America. (If you’re interested in joining me NEXT summer, […]

Sorrow Into Joy

On April 30 of this year, I had to say goodbye to my little four-footed furry friend Obie. This little gray Schnauzer had seen me through a lot— a major career change, two moves, the death of my 95-year-old aunt, the death of my 93-year-old dad, and many more life events. Amos (my other little […]

Take Possession!

Joshua asked the Israelites an all-important question In Joshua 18:3. Let’s take a quick peek: “How long will you wait before you begin to take possession of the land that the Lord, the God of your ancestors, has given you?” (NIV) Seven tribes still hadn’t taken possession of the amazing land God had given them! This […]

A Gift?

In Numbers 13:2 we see that God had brought the Israelites to the edge of the Promised Land. He was giving it to them. But His gift would require something of the recipients. Sometimes we mistakenly assume that when God gives us something, all we have to do is receive and He’ll do the rest. […]

Not Even a Piece of Peace

Oftentimes we try to discern God’s will in a specific situation by asking Him to give us peace— or to help us feel good about it. If we feel those things, we assume it’s God’s will. And if not? Oh, well. Must not be His will. But why should we allow feelings to determine God’s […]

Ask Yourself This!

First off, let me say this devotion isn’t my own. I read it from author Gail Burton Purath and enjoyed it so much, I wanted to share part of it with you. Here we go: God’s Word is designed for dummies. I use “dummies” in the dearest sense here, meaning we’re incapable of fully understanding […]

What’s the Big Deal About Easter?

It doesn’t get as much splash as other holidays, but it can hold its own! We need to give Easter a little help. Bless its heart. It just doesn’t measure up to Christmas. Of course, how can you compete with lighted trees surrounded by brightly wrapped gift packages? If we surveyed everyone in North America, […]