He Wants YOU to Participate! (Acts 3:1-10)

It’s a fascinating account.
Peter and John are on their way to the temple to praise God and to worship.

They see a lame man sitting near the temple steps begging for money.

That’s the only way handicapped people could earn a living in Bible days; they held out a tin cup.

When he saw both Peter and John approaching, he got excited thinking, Great! There are two men. I’ll get double the amount.

But Peter gave the classic response (that you’ve probably had memorized since Vacation Bible School days): “Silver and gold have I none, but what I have, give I thee.”

In other words, “We don’t have any money. But we have something  much greater! We know the Creator of the universe. We’re on a first-name basis with Him. His name is Jesus Christ. He was crucified, but He conquered death and is alive right now. He has the power to forgive sins and grant you eternity in heaven with Him. Would you like to receive salvation?”

YES! The man excitedly accepted the apostle’s invitation to pray. And then—to the man’s surprise—Peter and John . . . in the authority of God Himself . . . healed the man.

Scripture tells us that he went leaping and screaming praises to God! He ran all around the temple courtyard.

We would, too!

Imagine: Muscles, limbs, ligaments, which had never worked before—now in fluid motion!

He could walk.
He was completely healed.

I love it.

But here’s what amazes me:
Jesus passed that man several times.

How often did Jesus go to the temple?
A lot!
The man had been there for years.
Year after year, his loved ones had carried him to the temple steps.
This was his spot.

Jesus walked right by him.

Jesus healed so many during His time on earth.
Why not this man?

Could it be . . . that Jesus simply wanted Peter and John’s participation?
Could it be that Jesus was saving this miracle for these two disciples?
Perhaps to strengthen their faith?
Maybe to remind them—after He had ascended into heaven—that His authority and power really DOES inhabit His disciples?

Jesus knows all.
He knew the exact time, moment, date . . . that Peter and John would approach this man.

He granted them the authority and power
exactly when they needed it.

I’m learning more and more that Jesus wants US to participate in what HE does!

He wants to USE us.

Sure, He could simply do each miracle with the blink of His eye,

But could it be . . . that He’s saving some things for us?

We are His disciples.
We have His authority.
We live within His power.

Are we using it?

Are you participating in all that God wants to do through you?





I mentioned last week that I love the book of Daniel,
and by reading a commentary about him, I discovered
some exciting things.

Last week I shared that I found out Daniel was only 14
when he was captured.
And his three best friends—Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego—
were even younger than he was!

I’m impressed with their strong relationship with God,
and I’m impressed with their backbones of steel.

I sure hope we’re bringing up some Daniels today.
I challenged you last week to grab a student and help him/her become a Daniel by participating on our Susie Shellenberger Ministries missions trip to Haiti June 27 to July 10, 2016.

BUT I gave the wrong address to our Website!

Here’s the correct address if you’d like to get the info:


I mistakenly put a period after org and you told me you couldn’t connect.
Try it again with this correct address.

OK. Let’s get back to Daniel.

Here’s another amazing thing I’ve discovered.
Most Bible scholars believe Daniel was 87 years old when he was
thrown into the den of lions.


And most Bible scholars also believe that he just slept the entire night.
I know what some of you are thinking.
Some of you are saying, “Susie! When you’re 87, that’s all you do—sleep!”

But I think he slept not simply because he was getting up in years.
I believe he was able to sleep because of his strong relationship with God.

In other words, Daniel’s relationship with Jehovah God was so intimate . . . so secure . . . so strong . . . that he could simply sleep
IN THE MIDST of persecution.

That’s what I want.

When I feel as though my world is falling apart, or people make fun of my convictions, I want to be able to simply relax and think,
God has my back.
So I don’t need to worry.
I can just sleep right through this.

Maybe sleeping can become my spiritual gift.


Wouldn’t it be great to actually be so calm during trials or persecution that we could actually just sleep right through it because we know God is in complete charge?

Let’s “dare to be a Daniel” (as the old hymn says).

And let’s reach out to some students and help them become intimate with God. We need more Daniels today.

Will you join me in becoming a Daniel?

He Was How Old???

I love the story of Daniel.
In fact, I love his life so much, I’ve been reading a Bible commentary about him.
I discovered some interesting things. Here’s just one:

• Daniel was only 14 years old when he was taken captive.

I love the fact that even at the young age of 14, he had such a strong relationship with God, that he was able to say no to the things that were set before him.

You know a 14-year-old boy who was hungry and had traveled for miles in captivity, was certainly tempted by the rich and plenteous food and drinks that were offered him.

But he said no.

I hope we’re raising some young Daniels and Danielle’s today.
Maybe you know a 14-year-old.
If he or she were kidnapped by terrorists and thrown into a room with all the latest tech gadgets (iPODS, iPADS, iWATCHES, video games, etc.) would they look around and say, “Ooooh. Amazing. I want it. BUT . . . I’m not sure God is a part of this, so I better say no for now.”

I know some young Daniels and Danieles.
I meet them each summer on the annual two-week missions trip I lead. They’re students who are sold-out to God.
Students who want to make a difference.
Students who give themselves to others.
Students who respond in obedience to God’s leading.

This next summer, we’ll be going to Haiti.
BEFORE the earthquake in 2010, experts say the number of orphans in Haiti was approximately 380,000.

Experts now estimate that the number of orphans has doubled to about 750,000 SINCE the earthquake.

So I need a lot of Daniels.
I need students.
And I need adults—
people who will come alongside me for two weeks to make a difference.

Yes, we’ll work with orphans.
We’ll also get our hands dirty with some work projects.
And, of course, we’ll spread the gospel . . . the students will do this through a 22-minute drama pantomime that’s set to Creole (the Haitian language).

We’ll also set up small one-day medical clinics in a variety of places and offer light medical attention to those who needs it. So, physicians, nurses, P.A.s, and other medical workers are desired.

Would you take the hand of a student and bring him or her on this missions adventure? If so, you’ll both return never the same.

That’s what we’re calling the trip.
Never the Same.

If you’d like more information, we’ve set up a Web site: www.neverthesamemissions.org.

IF you decide to download the application and apply to attend, it’s important that you put MY NAME at the top of it. Just write “Susie told me about this.”

Because for the past 17 years, I’ve used Big World Ventures (Tulsa, OK) to put the details together for me and to handle all the applications that come in. If they see my name on your application, they’ll speed up the process and will get back with you faster.

Will you dare to be a Daniel?
Will you invest in the life of a student and help him or her become a Daniel?

(If you know a genuine Daniel, please tell me about him/her!)

Next week, I’ll share another exciting fact I’ve learned about Daniel.
But until then, there’s an old, old hymn I want to leave you with:


“Dare To Be a Daniel”
Standing by a purpose true,
Heeding God’s command,
Honor them, the faithful few!
All hail to Daniel’s band!
Dare to be a Daniel,
Dare to stand alone!
Dare to have a purpose firm!
Dare to make it known.