The Next Step

Oftentimes we make “knowing God’s will” into something much
harder than it really is. Most of the time, it’s simply taking the next step.
Doing what’s right.
Walking forward.

I think of Moses.

Yes, he’s known for leading God’s chosen people out of the bondage
of Egypt’s slavery, but the scene begins when he was simply
watching sheep for his father-in- law. A nearby bush went up in
flames, and when Moses turned to look, He heard directly from God.
So he took the next step. He did the right thing. He obeyed and
moved forward. The result? He led millions.

And David.

Sure, he went down in history as the giant-killer. But the only reason
he was even near Goliath is simply because he was running an
errand for his dad. Once there, he just did the next thing.
He took another step forward.
He obeyed and later became the Israel’s greatest king.


What about Andrew?

He would never be the leader like his brother, Peter.
He wasn’t good in front of a group, he wasn’t a leader, and he wasn’t
an extrovert. But he loved people. He shined at one-on- one
relationships. And in the midst of thousands of hungry people,
Andrew made friends with one little boy.
When Jesus instructed the disciples to feed the thousands, Andrew
simply did the next thing. He took another step. He brought his new
friend to Jesus. And Jesus took a few fish and some bread and
produced the greatest food delivery service in history.

Then there’s Peter.

He and his fishing crew had been out all night, but their nets were still
empty. Jesus entered the scene and challenged them to fish a
different way. Peter obeyed. He took the next step. He tossed his net
on the other side of the boat and pulled in a haul so great, he madehistory with it.
But do you think when he slid into his sandals that morning and
pulled his tunic over his body he had any idea that this was the day
he’d be drafted by the Messiah to join Team Jesus and turn the world
on end with Christianity? Do you think any of Peter’s fishing crew
even imagined they’d write parts of the Bible and launch the church?
They all just took the next step.
They did what was right.
They simply obeyed.
Instead of wringing your hands trying to figure out God’s will, why not
simply take the next step?
Do what’s right.
Keep walking in obedience to His Lordship.
This is His will.
The rest of the plan will unfold in His perfect timing.


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