How’s Your Wall?

When Nehemiah received word that the wall around his hometown of
Jerusalem had been torn down, he made the journey home to repair

It was an actual physical wall that surrounded Jerusalem.
This protected the residents from enemies and bad influences.
I’ll talk more about this actual wall in our December 4 devotional.
But right now I’d like us to think about our own wall.

Just as God desired to protect Jerusalem with a physical wall,
He wants to help us build a strong spiritual wall around our lives.

How can we do this?

#1: Lay a solid foundation.
Make sure your identity, your trust and your focus is grounded in

#2: Be extremely selective of the bricks with which you choose
to build your wall.
Instead of grabbing a brick of astrology, a brick of deception and a
brick of gossip, choose instead bricks of Scripture, faith and total

#3: Maintain your wall.
Take time to pray daily. “Die to self” daily. Read the Bible daily.
These are strong elements of mortar around the bricks of your wall
that will keep it strong, stable and secure.

How’s your wall?


I have an open calendar now until mid-January.

While I will enjoy this time of renewal, it’s always a faith-walk
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