How’s Your Wall?

On November 20, I shared about the wall that God instructed
Nehemiah to build around Jerusalem. Let’s peek at a few more

When Nehemiah received word that the wall around his hometown of
Jerusalem had been torn down, he made the journey home to repair

It was an actual physical wall that surrounded Jerusalem.
This protected the residents from enemies and bad influences.
Jerusalem’s enemies were angry the wall was being rebuilt, so they
began attacking Nehemiah and his workers. We’re told when the wall
was half-finished, the attacks were so bad that the work force had to
be cut so that only half actually built while the others stood guard
girded with weapons to protect the workers.
(See Nehemiah 4:16-18).

We can expect the same, can’t we?
When we live in radical obedience to the LORDSHIP of Jesus Christ, it
angers satan, and we will be attacked. Here’s the proof:

“Anyone who wants to live all out for Christ is in for a lot of
trouble; there’s no getting around it. Unscrupulous con men will
continue to exploit the faith” (2 Timothy 3:12 The Message).

Let’s look at the same Scripture from The Living Bible:
“Those who decide to please Christ Jesus by living godly lives
will suffer at the hands of those who hate him.”

Nehemiah didn’t let it stop him, and neither should we.
When God directs us to do something, He always equips us.


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