Jesus Lite, Part 2

The call of Christ to repent (turn away from sin)
is radical.

Many Christians have asked Jesus for forgiveness
(confession) . . .
but still haven’t repented.
In other words, they’ve never walked away from
some of the sin they’ve sought forgiveness for.

Many hold onto some “favorite sins,”
attend church,
join in the praise and worship . . .

But many are wrong.

Jesus told us to count the cost before we follow Him.
That’s because following Him costs a LOT.
The price is everything.
It’s radical.
It’s tough to swallow.
It’s hard to embrace.
But it’s right.

We can want God’s love, grace, forgiveness, blessing
and an amazing eternity with Him—
but never get it.

Because many of us have been misinformed about
how to get it.

Billy Graham believes that only 50 percent of all people
who attend church will actually go to heaven.

Jesus confirmed this when He told the parable
of the 10 bridesmaids in Matthew 25 and compared it to
who’s getting inside the Kingdom of heaven.
HALF of the bridesmaids made it.

Does that seem hard to believe?

Many of us have given Jesus “Gumby-like” qualities.
We bend Him and shape Him to fit our needs.

We believe that He is all-patient.
All merciful.
And ever-affirming.

We’ve overlooked the fact that He came to proclaim
the Kingdom of heaven—
not to upgrade my self-esteem
make me happy
meet all my needs.

Does this seem harsh?
It’s truth.
You see, the true gospel is a call to self-denial.
It’s not a call to self-fulfillment.

God’s Son is not “Jesus Lite.”
And unless we accept the totality of Christ,
we’re not accepting Him at all.

Yes, He is love.
But He is also holy.
And He cannot tolerate sin in His Kingdom.

So instead of telling ourselves we’re getting into heaven
simply because we prayed a little prayer years ago
during Vacation Bible School—
maybe we need to start looking at our lives.

Have we really given ALL to follow Him?
Are we truly living in radical obedience
to the Lordship of Jesus Christ?


[More next week.]




I’m speaking in Sharpsburg, GA Sept. 11-14.
I’d sure appreciate your prayers!

4 replies
  1. Sheila Skinner
    Sheila Skinner says:

    Thank you so much for this. I feel like I have fallen into this category. I feel like I have ask for forgiveness but really missed out on the freedom from repenting. Thank you for gift!

  2. Joanne Penrod
    Joanne Penrod says:

    Prayers for your trip to Ga. I cant wait till you come to Stow Ohio. I hope I can get close enough to introduce myself to you. Barbara Wallice is my friend. I have my hotel reservation. I know we must give everything to Jesus. I pray that I am good enough to get into Heaven. Where I live there is an alcoholic and a gay couple that live across the street. Sometimes they come over when they see me sitting on my porch. I asked them one night ,” If Jesus would come back right now do you think you would make it to Heaven.” The gay man says, I know I would. the alcoholic says I know I would. I said how can you be so confident because I am a Christian and I pray I am good enough to get into heaven.

  3. Donna Herring
    Donna Herring says:

    Wow. This is truth. I love the fact that God’s truth isn’t hard to understand. It may be tough to hard yet there is sooooo much more freedom in it. I love this truth. It sets me free when I embrace it and trust it.
    Thank you Susie. I will be agreeing with you in prayer during Sept 11th thru the 14th. Blessings to you my sister for speaking God’s word.

  4. Twyla Fleming
    Twyla Fleming says:

    William Booth (Salvation Army founder) said of the 20th century: “The chief danger that confronts the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, heaven without hell.”
    Thanks for your TRUTH, Susie.


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