I’m pretty sure the word discussion isn’t in the Bible, but there are several
amazing discussions found in God’s Word.

One of my favorite ones is found in Numbers 22:21-39. Balaam was known
as a prophet, but he wasn’t tuned in to what God was saying, so the
Almighty surprised him by temporarily giving his donkey the ability to

When your donkey is more tuned into God than you are, it’s time to pay

When your donkey is speaking in complete sentences, using verbs and
nouns in correct placement, it’s time to listen!

God can speak anytime, anywhere through anything. Like the time He
chose to speak through a burning bush to Moses. (See Exodus 3:1-17.)

Though God can speak through anything, His favorite mode of discussion
is with His children. He absolutely loves it when you talk with Him.

About the huge stuff you’re facing? Of course. Financial concerns, physical
pain, unsaved loved ones, uncertainty about the future? Yes.
But also, about the everyday things . . . the warmth of the sun on a clear
day. An unexpected blessing in the mail. A song from your heart directed to

He had an interesting discussion about priorities with Peter in John 21
over a breakfast fish-fry on the beach. And a discussion about His call on
Jeremiah’s life (see Jeremiah 1:4-9). And He even woke Samuel in the
night for an important discussion in 1 Samuel 3.

Discussions with His children are of utmost importance to God.
So . . . when was your latest discussion with Him?

Make it a point to talk with God more. Make your life a continual
conversation with God. Enoch loved talking with God so much,
he just walked and talked his way right into heaven! (Genesis 5:21-24)

Let’s make that OUR goal—to love talking with God so much, we just do it
all the time!

Please go to YouTube and search for the song “I Miss My Time With You”
with Larnelle Harris. Listen to it right now and commit to spending more
time with God.

The word discussion isn’t in the Bible, but God’s Word is full of them.
So, go ahead—have a discussion with your heavenly Father.


Update: I had surgery a couple of weeks ago for a spiral fracture of my
femur from hip to knee. I’m home now, and God is truly walking with me

each step of this journey. I’m in physical therapy three times a week. I can’t
drive yet, so people are helping me with transportation. Please pray for my
continued healing as God brings me to your mind.

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