(Reminder: I’m doing an A to Z devotional in my weekly blog.)

Samson went wild with one. Of course, Samson was wild. He slew 1,000
Philistines with a single jawbone.

He’s an interesting and intense character in Scripture. He did some great
things but made some poor choices. He wanted to rid Israel of Baal
worship. Great. But he went about it in an extremely zealous manner. We
see him in 2 Kings 9:20 drawing his bow with full strength and wiping
people out. He drove his chariot fast and furious. If his chariot would have
had rubber tires, he would’ve easily burned rubber. Everywhere he drove!

He did manage to rid Israel of massive amounts of Baal influence, but we
see in 2 Kings 10:31 that he made an extremely poor choice. Check it out:

“But Jehu didn’t follow the Lord God of Israel with all his heart, for he
continued to worship Jeroboam’s gold calves that had been the cause
of such great sin in Israel.”

We catch an incredibly important detail in the above passage. He didn’t
follow God with all of his heart. And in the next few verses, we see God
condemning Israel and Jehu.

Truth: If we call ourselves followers of God, it’s essential to follow God with
ALL of our heart.

A J word that many Christians wish were in the Bible is Jello.
Sorry. Not there.

Next week, I’ll share my favorite J.


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