(Reminder: I’m doing an A to Z devotional each week.)

Jezebel is mentioned at least in 19 passages
in the Old Testament. She was quite a character.
Jezzie was responsible for introducing Baal worship to
the Northern Kingdom of Israel. She also came up with
the idea of killing Nabal so her hubby, Ahab, could
have Nabal’s vineyard. She took whatever she wanted.

She died a horrible death. After putting on eye
makeup, she was tossed out of the window of a very
tall building. Wild dogs ate her body. (Remind me not
to wear eye makeup.)

Jezebel’s life is a serious reminder that our sins can’t
be hidden (see Numbers 32:23 about our sins finding
us out).

Jaguar isn’t mentioned in Scriptures. But even
if the disciples could have purchased vehicles, I doubt
they would’ve had $46,000+ for a jaguar.

Jasper is a beautiful jewel described in Ezekiel
28:20 and 39:13. You can also find it 11 other times in
Scripture. It can be seen as a stunning red, green or
yellow jewel and also contains a clear quality in it. We’ll
see a lot of jasper in heaven!

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22- 23. Though we experience difficulties in life, the Holy Spirit will manifest true joy in our lives if we let Him.

Joy goes much deeper than happiness. While
happiness is fleeting—and dependent on feelings—joy
is bone-marrow deep. It can actually be part of our

But my favorite J in the Bible is JESUS.
He is my Savior, Forgiver, King, Reason for living,
Guide, Love, Friend, Messiah, Emmanuel, Master,
LORD, Shepherd, Light, God and Yahweh.

Is He yours?

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Please pray for me as I’ll begin travel/speaking again
May 14. This is the only speaking engagement I have
in May. It’s a revival in Fairfield, OH. (About 30 minutes
outside of Cincinnati.) I will travel with a cane and have
requested a wheelchair for travel through the airport
concourses. I’m excited to open God’s Word and
expectant to see Him move.