I read a short drama the other day about a store selling
“Cheap Salvation” in the form of a cardboard cross.

Customers could approach the saleswoman and tell her
what size of the cross they wanted. One man asked for a
credit-card sized piece that he could simply carry around in
his pocket. He didn’t want anything big enough for others
to see.

Another customer wanted a microscopic piece so it wouldn’t
demand any real changes in her lifestyle.

When someone in the crowd asked, “I thought the Cross
cost total commitment,” the saleswoman reminded him that
she was selling “Cheap Salvation” and that’s why the price was
so low.

Crowds of people lined up to get their piece of the cross.

There’s a lot of truth in that little drama, isn’t there?
I wonder how many people claim to be a disciple,
but are actually living with only a small piece of the cross—
and a cardboard cross at that!

Let’s be honest: Real Christianity costs. A lot.
Though forgiveness of sins is free . . .
and though we are saved by God’s grace . . .
It cost Christ everything to save us—
And it costs us everything to follow Him.

“Then he said to them all: ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple
must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow
me.’ ” (Luke 9:23 NIV)


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