Bigger Than a King-Size Bed!

In Deuteronomy 3, we read about the Israelites (God’s chosen people) destroying those who stood in their way and wouldn’t let them pass on to the land God had promised them.

King Og of Bashan was an evil man. God empowered the Israelites to destroy Og and his entire city. After the destruction, check out what the next Scripture says:

“Incidentally, King Og of Bashan was the last of the giant Rephaim. His iron bedstead is kept in a museum at Rabbah, one of the cities of the Ammonites, and measures thirteen and a half feet long by six feet wide” (Deuteronomy 3:11 TLB).

That’s one big bed.
That’s way bigger than a king-sized bed.
Even bigger than a California King-sized bed.

King Og was one of the giants in the land (remember Goliath?).
OK, but why does the Bible record the details of his bed?

It’s like saying, “The Americans won WWII, and Hitler drove a BMW.”

Don’t you think it’s odd that we get such details about something so specific as his bed?

Is it important to know how big his bed is?
Do we even care about the bed this guy slept in?
So why is it recorded?

We won’t know for sure until we get to heaven and can ask God,
but I want to make a suggestion.

God was empowering His people to annihilate everything that kept them from becoming all He wanted them to be.

Could it be that God is telling us that no matter how expensive our car is . . .
how nice our house is . . .
how big our flat screen is . . .
if it prevents us from becoming fully obedient to Him—
annihilate it.

Father, I love the THINGS in my home:
my Coca-Cola collection,
my library,
my fun shoes,
my recliners . . .
But if they keep me from intimacy with You—
if they hold me back from being completely obedient to Your will . . .
give me the power to annihilate.
Get rid of.

I want to be full of YOU, Father.
So help me to listen carefully and attentively to Your voice.
And help me to obey You in every area of my life.


Anything you need to destroy?

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  1. Deanna
    Deanna says:

    Often our giants are so familiar and close to our daily living that we don’t recognize them as dangers to us until someone graciously points it out. When God is the one who points that giant out,he says that he will be the one to annialate and smash that situation,attitude or sin from our heart. May we be like David and ask God to search our hearts so that he can reveal that which is so close that we fail to see the importance of removing that giant from our lives so that we might be purified through and through.

  2. ken
    ken says:

    Sounds like this in in the Bible as proof that there were giants in the Promised Land. King Og was evidently much taller than the tallest NBA player, and so was Goliath. The Bible says that 10 of 12 spies were afraid to go into the Promised Land because of giants. Joshua and Caleb wanted to take on the giants, and 40 years later, they got their chance. King Og was one of about 15 kings that bit the dust. The LORD keeps all His promises!


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