By the Numbers

Tres (Spanish)
Drei (German)
Trois (French)
Tatu (Swahili)
Talatah (Arabic)

Number 3, is used a LOT in Scripture. It appears 467 times in the Bible.
Here are a few:
• The Trinity is 3 persons of God: Father, Son, and the Holy
• Noah had 3 sons: Ham, Shem, and Japhth.
• There were 3 fathers of Israel: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
• The Ark of the Covenant had 3 objects: the gold jar of manna, Aaron’s
budded staff, and the tablets with the Commandments.
• How many times each day did Daniel pray? You guessed it—3!
• Jonah was in the belly of a great fish 3 days. Ewww.
• Satan tempted Jesus 3 times in the wilderness.
• Jesus was in the grave 3 days.

Because His very nature is Triune (3), oftentimes when God wants to communicate something about Himself, He works in 3s.

And when God wanted to emphasize something, He often said it 3 times. One of His most important prophets was Samuel. When Samuel was young, living and working in the temple, God called out to this young boy 3

times. Each time, Samuel said, “Here I am!” Samuel showed his readiness to serve God by responding positively each time.

Sometimes God tests the resolve of his servants in order to prepare them for service. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus prayed 3 times, submitting to the will of the Father each time. Again, the importance of Jesus’ obedience was highlighted.

Peter denied Christ 3 times the night of Christ’s trial, and to reinforce Peter’s need for repentance and submission, Jesus asked him 3 times, “Do you love me?” after the resurrection.

The yummy Mexican cake Tres Leches is not found anywhere in the Bible.