By the Numbers
Ocho (Spanish)
Acht (German)
Huit (French)
Nane (Swahili)
Altamnu (Arabic)

Where in Scripture do we first see the number 8? We find it in Genesis 6—the story of Noah’s Ark. The entire earth was saturated in water, and the creation of the new earth was left in the hands of 8 people. That’s right; God saved 8. Then He “reset” everything and moved forward with a new beginning and a newly-formed earth.

Abraham had 8 sons: Shuah, Ishbak, Midian, Medan, Jokshan, Zimran, Isaac, and Ishmael. Not the most popular names in school today.

After Jesus rose from the dead, He appeared to Mary Magdalene and His disciples a total of 8 times before His ascension into heaven.

In the Old Testament, the Lord God commanded circumcision of every male child on the 8th day of every new month. The removal of the foreskin symbolized new beginnings and the acceptance of the Holy Spirit.

Number 8 represents spiritual regeneration, and it marks the beginning of a new era. Jesus rose from death to eternal life on Easter Sunday, the first day of a new week, which can otherwise be regarded as the 8th day of the previous week.

There are also 8 notes in a musical scale—going up or down—depending on how you choose to play it.

After God created the earth, He rested on the seventh day, and the 8th day set in motion the new week.

A few other 8 facts:
• Spiders have 8 legs.
• An octopus has 8 legs.
• Stop signs have 8 sides.

There are 8 hotdogs in a pack, 8 buns in a pack, 8 crayons in a box, 8 ounces in a cup, and 8 pints in a gallon.

A chess board is 8 by 8.

Figure skaters perform a Figure 8.

There are 8 maids-a-milking, 8-track audio tapes, and old 8 mm home movies.

The Old Testament book Song of Solomon has 8 chapters.

And Crazy 8s is a fun card game . . . that wasn’t yet invented during the time of the disciples.

As you think about the number 8 this week, ask God to spark new beginnings in your journey with Him.