Did You Know . . .

• Michael J. Fox’s middle name is Andrew.

• My middle name is Sue. (No, it’s not Susie Sue. Susie is my nickname for Sue. I’ve always been called Susie. My first name is Marjorie—after my mother.)

• Twelve percent of all the Coca-Cola in America is drunk at breakfast.

• That God collects your tears (see Psalm 56:8)

• Anthophobia is the fear of flowers. (I’m glad I don’t have anthophobia! I love flowers. My favorites are roses. Around my front porch area, I have several rose bushes in bloom. I’m growing pink, yellow, red, orange, light green, peach, white and even purple.)

• There are some things God can’t do. He can’t go against His nature of holiness. He can’t lie. He can’t sleep. He can’t fail. He can’t lose. He can’t stop thinking about you. And He can’t be blamed if you don’t make it to heaven.

• Summer on Neptune lasts for 40 years! But the temperature is minus 328 degrees Fahrenheit.

• If you’ll read three chapters of the Bible every day, and if you’ll read five chapters every Sunday, in one year you will have read the entire Bible.



Have you read the Bible in its entirety? Some folks make it a priority to do this every year. I know an evangelist who reads his Bible several times through in a year.

My pastor mentioned in one of his sermons that many Christians don’t read the Bible at all—except for what’s flashed on the screen each Sunday in church.

Where are you with reading the Bible?

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  1. Connie Jackson
    Connie Jackson says:

    I started reading the Bible through in a year when I came to Christ at the age of 56. It has now been almost 8 years and I am still discovering passages that speak to me even though I have read them many times. Thank you Susie, I am enjoying your sharing.

    • zugewinnausgleich lebensversicherung berechnung
      zugewinnausgleich lebensversicherung berechnung says:

      to jon, this is not actually the case.sure, costs are up, but they are still way below ours. the real issue is logistics. ports are at capacity, as is rail and road in china.it's the longer and less predictable delivery times driving manufacture back here, not cost.if it costs $1 there and $2 here, why would you move back if the cost jumped to $1.05? you wouldn't unless there was some other reason.

    • 21 century cars
      21 century cars says:

      Percy–Awesome numbers. Interesting you bring up the 4WR personnel grouping because I will be doing a personnel-based study either tomorrow or Thurs. I’d still maintain that Brees and Brady are truly more accurate than Romo, even on deep throws, but that Romo has more improvisation ability, allowing receivers to become more open. In the end, it doesn’t really matter WHY Romo is accurate on deep balls, though.

  2. Amy
    Amy says:

    This is great, Susie! I definitely want to read the bible all the way through and I am almost there! I want to have a goal of reading it through more often!

    Wow, Pamela, you have read the bible–completely, 31 times in one year! That is awesome dedication!

    God bless you both!

  3. Pamela Uhl
    Pamela Uhl says:

    Susie, As a brand new Christian 31 year old Christian,I was challenged by Elisabeth Elliot’s report that her dad read through the Bible every year. He read it through 40 times before he went to glory. So, I found a Through the Bible A Chronological Reading Plan, and this year makes my 31st time reading through the Bible in a year! Wow, is God Awesome, or what?!!! It has helped me see a “bigger picture” of His Plan – rather than my little piece of a picture – and increase my hunger for more of Him.
    Thanks for your truth telling.


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