I like reading about the various time in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark,
Luke and John that Jesus got completely away from the disciples and
spent time with His Father. It seems as though He often said, “I’m going up
into those hills to pray.” OR “I’ll be back in a bit. I need some time with My

In other words, Jesus needed a break.
And if it was necessary for Him, it’s essential for us as well.
I know I need a break!
That’s why I’ve put together a “Friends & Family Getaway” January 16-23, 2021.

It’s a fantabalastic (my own word) cruise for you, your friends and/or
your family members. In other words, bring whomever you want with you!
And the BEST part? The cruise line has just big-time discounted all
of the rooms for group listed on our brochure! I’ve had my room for the past
several months, and I just found out last week (from Carla—my friend who
put this amazing adventure together for me), that the cruise line had
dropped the price of my room $330.

Again, the cruise line is dropping prices on ALL of our reserved

This is amazing news! And I’d love for you to take advantage of it.
But we’ve only reserved a certain number of rooms. NOW is the time to act.

By January of 2021, I’m guessing things will be calmed down from
Covid-19, and we’ll all wish we’d taken advantage of something like this.
And if you decide you don’t want to go? ALL your money is refundable
till November 1 of this year.

BUT . . . here’s the daunting news: These prices can go back up at
any time! So it just makes sense to get in touch with Carla and let her give
you details on the most bottom-rock price you can get.

Here’s the scoop: It’s a 7-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera. We’ll
depart from Los Angeles on Carnival’s newest ship: The Panorama.

I’ll be speaking in our own special services—along with my friend
Gracia Burnham. Gracia has done two other cruises with me and helped
me with the speaking. She’s amazing! She and her husband were
missionaries in the Philippines before being taken hostage by militant
Muslims. After being forced to live in the jungle and being held in captivity for 376 days, her husband was killed in a rescue attempt. Gracia
was freed and is now a full-time speaker. Her story is captivating.

It would be worth coming on the cruise just to hear HER!
But you’ll also enjoy the ship’s entertainment, incredible food, off-
shore excursions galore, and our own special services with great praise
and worship—and speaking.

Think of this as the spiritual retreat/adventure/vacation your soul
is craving. We’ll stop in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta
and also spend three fun days at sea.

Who’s Carla? I met her when I spoke in her church in Mobile, AL.
I found out she’s a travel agent and enjoys putting customized trips
together. She has put my last two cruises together, and I’m excited she’s
doing this one as well.

Go ahead and contact her and ask what the bottom-line price is that
she can get you: carlaray@aol.com 251-423-0900
You’ll be glad you did.

Oh wow! I almost forgot: The cruise line is also giving each one of
our room a $75 onboard credit! You can use this toward the cost of an
off-short excursion, or to shop at the ship’s store, or for tips, WHATEVER!
It’s yours to spend however you wish.

And in January, you and I will finally be able to laugh, worship, relax,
have fun—and get a much-needed break together!