God is Depending on YOU!

There’s an old tale about Jesus ascending to heaven after He’d been resurrected and met with the disciples and other believers. The tale states that Jesus entered heaven and was greeted by the angel Gabriel. “Well, You did it! You became the greatest gift of all. You gave You very life for sinners that they may be forgiven and have eternal life. Was it worth it?”

“Oh, yes,” Jesus said. “It was worth every drop of blood.”

“And now You’ve conquered death and have come here to prepare an eternal home for all those who will accept Your wonderful and free gift of salvation.”

“Yes,” Jesus replied. “That’s correct. And on, how I yearn for everyone to accept My gift and live with Me forever here in heaven.”

“So what’s the plan, Jesus?” Gabriel asked.

“The plan?”

“Surely You have a plan! State-of-the-art technology? Huge marketing campaign? Maybe a few celebrities to endorse Your gift?”

“No, that’s not the plan,” Jesus said.

“Oh, Well, what is the plan?” Gabriel asked.

“I only have a few followers . . . and I’ve entrusted the entire gospel to them.”

“You mean . . . that little band of Christians?” Gabriel asked.

“That’s right,” Jesus said.

“But how will they ever spread Your wonderful gift from generation to generation? Shouldn’t we come up with another plan?”

“There is no other plan, Gabriel. My Christians are all I have. And I trust them.”


So . . . what do YOU think? Give me your thoughts on how you’re fitting into the plan.

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  1. Glenda Wooldridge
    Glenda Wooldridge says:

    Wow, is that why so the world is in the state it is because I didn’t do my part? I’m just sayin’ maybe we all need to ask ourselves
    this question. If everyone did their part the way I am doing whatever it is I’m doing, then would things look the same? Hum?

  2. Connie Jackson
    Connie Jackson says:

    Lots of food for thought here Susie. I quote Paul…Therefore I glory in Christ Jesus in my service to God. Romans 15:17

    God will lead, if I will listen, the Holy Spirit will guide me.

    Lord Jesus cause me always to listen.


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