As I count my blessings this Thanksgiving,

I’m truly grateful for

the holy Trinity:

God, the Father, who created all things and who loves me

enough to send Jesus, His Son, to save me from my sin

and to die for me and grant me mercy, grace and forgiveness—

and the Holy Spirit who guides me daily

and reminds me of the Truth in Scripture

and who empowers me to live the Christian life.

I’m grateful beyond words that Christ is ALIVE—

that He actually conquered death

and is preparing an incredible home for me in heaven!

I’m so thankful for godly parents who have given me a wonderful spiritual heritage . . .

and my godly brother and his family

who love me and pray for me,

and for godly friends with whom I can discuss spiritual truths

and share prayers requests and burdens.

I’m grateful for YOU . . .

for reading my little blog week after week

and praying for me when God prompts you.

You’ll never know what a difference your prayers make

when I’m exhausted and lonely in a hotel room

and miles from home.

On a lighter note . . .

I’m thankful for the smell of brand-new shoes,

all the primary colors,

the taste of raw cookie dough,

the sounds of my two dogs

when we’re wrestling,


or talking,

OKC Thunder basketball games,

Stephane’s yummy tossed salad that no one can make like her,

Jennifer’s homemade dressing,

Kent’s special stash of cokes-made-with-sugarcane-sugar-in-a-bottle stored in the garage fridge,

and even the annual Thanksgiving family Ping-Pong tournament

that I never win.

God is good.


What are YOU grateful for?

Please share!

6 replies
  1. Joanne Penrod
    Joanne Penrod says:

    I am thankful for all God has given me, my children, grandchildren, friends my church and most of all His Son Jesus for dying on the cross for me. and Im thankful for you Susie! I accidentaly deleted your last blog. I moved and had about 900 emails to go through. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wishing you A Very Merry Chrilstmas!

  2. Vicky Wilson
    Vicky Wilson says:

    I am so blessed. I have never known hunger I have always had warm shelter. I drink clean water. I have freedom to worship my Heavenly Father. But most important to me is having a Father who loves me and hears my voice and has given me eturnity with Him.

  3. Esther Baun
    Esther Baun says:

    I’m thankful for God, salvation, our church family, our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, my Godly husband, and our many friends like Susie!

  4. Brenda Pryor
    Brenda Pryor says:

    I am overwhelmingly thankful for His precious grace that I could never earn and always desperately need. I am deeply thankful for His patience with me when I stumble and that the work He has begun in me He will be faithful to complete until the day of Christ Jesus. I am blessed beyond expression by Elohim’s perfect artistry and the ability to see the beauty and colors He has created and how they fill my heart with wonder of who He is. I am thankful for my family and the body of Christ. I am so thankful Elohim desired to create me, love me and lets me go on adventures with Him!

  5. Cledia
    Cledia says:

    I’m thankful God hears and answers prayers. I’m thankful for His mercy and grace. I’m thankful for forgiveness. I’m thankful God will never leave me or forsake me.

  6. Ali
    Ali says:

    Hi Susie
    Thankful for the smell of the earth after rain, a freshly mowed field of hay, a dependable car, hugs initiated from grandchildren, bacon cooking at a camp out, healthy food, the hope for America and my Heavenly Father who loves loves loves me!


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