• Trust God for the impossible.
When the angel announced Mary would deliver the Messiah, she
didn’t understand it. It seemed ridiculous, but her response was,
“I believe. It is as you say.”

This Christmas will you, too, trust God for the impossible?
Is He calling you to do something that seems ridiculous?

Even though you don’t understand and can’t see what’s ahead,
you have the opportunity—like Mary—to respond in simple faith:
“I believe. It is as You say.”

• Ponder some things.
“But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her
(Luke 2:19 King James Version)

This Christmas, think about spiritual things, godly concepts, favorite

This involves making time to be quiet.
Don’t do all the talking.

• Don’t lose faith that God IS in control.
When Caesar Augustus, the Roman emperor, decreed that a census
must be taken throughout the nation, it meant that Joseph and a

pregnant Mary would have to make the 70-mile trip from Nazareth to

Mary knew the trip wouldn’t be easy, and she could’ve easily begun
questioning God’s plans. But she trusted that God was in complete

Can you trust that God controls ALL of history—even when you don’t
understand it?

Because of the degree of Caesar Augustus, Jesus was born in the
very town prophesied for His birth (Micah 5:2), even though His
parents didn’t live there. God was quietly working behind the scenes,
even though Mary and Joseph couldn’t see His hand.

Have a MARY Christmas!
And may you sense God’s presence with you abundantly every day in


I don’t travel again until January 10.
I’m enjoying some time at home . . . pondering . . .
relaxing in His presence.