How Will You Serve?

The year was 1997 and no one wanted to be mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska. So people began writing in names. Guess who won? Stubbs.

Here’s a photo of Stubbs— a Manx mix cat who willingly served for 20 years.

His office was Nagley’s General Store where he drank water mixed with catnip. . . and slept a lot.

About 30 to 40 tourists a day stopped by Nagley’s to visit Stubbs. Most of these people were on their way to another Alaskan destination but wanted to grab a photo with the cat mayor.

Staff Sergeant Reckless was a decorated war horse who held official rank in the U.S. military. He was trained to be a packhorse.

Reckless served in numerous combat actions during the Korean War carrying supplies, and ammunition. He also evacuated wounded soldiers.

The highlight of her nine-month military career was in March 1953 when—in a single day—she made 51 solo trips to resupply multiple front- line units.

Her wartime service record was featured in The Saturday Evening Post—and LIFE Magazine recognized her as one of America’s 100 all-time heroes.

So . . .

If a cat and a horse were used where needed . . .
consider how much more God wants to use YOU.

2 Timothy 2:21-26 says this (paraphrased and summarized:

The Lord wants to use you for special purposes, so make yourself clean from all evil.

Then you will be holy, and the Master can use you.

You will be ready for any good work.

This week, will you pray:
“Lord, where and how do You want to use me?
I’m willing.
I’m available.
And I’m ready.”