I Don’t Pray for Patience

I don’t pray for patience, because I’m afraid I’ll get it.
I’m OK being impatient.

You know I’m kidding.
(Or am I?)

I’ve been up since 3:30 a.m.
My flight was supposed to leave at 5 a.m.
I travel 42 weeks/weekends a year, and I’m learning to discern what some of the pilot’s announcements actually mean.

“Delayed due to mechanical difficulties” really means we forgot to gas up.

“Delayed due to unforeseen problems,” means we can’t find the keys.

Pilot: Got the keys?
Co-Pilot: No. I don’t have the keys. I thought you had them.
Pilot: I don’t have the keys. Where are the keys?

And during the actual flight . . .

“We’re experiencing some unexpected turbulence,” really means the pilot’s son who’s traveling shotgum, got bored doing his homework and pulled a lever, turned a knob or pressed a button.

Pilot to son: “Don’t make me stop this plane. Cuz I’ll do it. I told you to concentrate on your homework!”

So I was supposed to depart at 5 a.m.

3:30 came way too early. I’m thinking on these early flights, maybe I should start calling the airline about an hour ahead of time and just check in with them:

ME: “Did someone gas up the plane? Got the keys? No children in the cockpit for this flight? Are the windshield wipers working OK? Gas pedal and brakes good? Toilet paper in the dollhouse bathroom?”

I finally leave the OKC airport at 8:45 a.m., and of course I’ve missed my connection from Chicago to Flint, MI. Now I’m enjoying a five-and-a-half layover in Chicago. That’s how long it takes to fly from OKC to London. As in England.

London, England!
I could be touring Madam Tussad’s wax museum right now!
Or the Doc Martin four-story headquarters.
Or taking pix with William and Kate and the babies.
Or being issued a restraining order from William and Kate and the babies.
Instead I’m eating an Auntie Ann’s pretzel and picking off the salt.
Almost as good being in London.

I finally arrive in Flint, Mich., at 8 p.m.
The service I was scheduled to speak at started at 7.
It’s over. I  totally missed it.
They turned it into a prayer meeting instead.
And God moved.
Without me.

What a great reminder.
He so does NOT need me.
I’m extremely grateful He has chosen to use me.
But He doesn’t need me.
He could make the rocks cry out, or the podium speak His Word,
or have the carpet sing His praises.

Father, I’m frustrated.
But thankful for the lesson You’ve taught me today.
It’s not about my schedule, is it?
It’s not about my speaking, is it?


All the time.

Every day.

In every way.

Yes, Lord.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on what God uses to get YOUR attention to remind you of this truth.

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  1. Diana
    Diana says:

    My brother understands patience. A few weeks ago he came home to see our 91 year old Mother one last time before she passed away. We all had a sweet and sad visit together with her while she was still able to be alert and somewhat healthy. My brother was to leave Sacramento at 10:30 pm, but no crew was scheduled to fly the plane, this meant the airlines had to taxi everyone to San Francisco and of course everyone missed their connecting flight. Once again the airport had to make accommodations. He left the next morning with a 5 hour delay in Colorado…. weather conditions… flight was delayed. Flew to Chicago with 1 hour delay but the plane sat loaded on the tarmac for another 4 hours. (That can’t be human). He was sent to Arkansas because there were no flights going into Memphis, TN (weather). His wife drove from Jackson, TN to Arkansas to pick him up. It took him 48 hours to get home. So I asked him how he got through the ordeal, he said I waited on the Lord.
    No ordeal, no problem.
    God Bless

  2. Stephanie Rudash
    Stephanie Rudash says:

    This week is Family Camp at the WV Nazarene Campground. Unfortunately, I went with a selfish attitude of how God would use me to praise His name by sharing my healing story. After visiting a lady who is I’ll, I was heading home and I slipped getting into the car. Now I have a broken foot… After reading this post it reminds me that God doesn’t need me, but I am also so very thankful he chooses to use me.

  3. Janella
    Janella says:

    As usual you keep it real and I love your descriptive way of expressing what we need to hear from the Lord.

  4. Stephane
    Stephane says:

    Oh wow! Now you would never lose your keys or phone or your carry on luggage and have to wait on God!


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