Jesus Lite, Part 4

It’s pretty simple.
Anyone who wants to come after Jesus into the kingdom of God—
anyone who wants to be a Christian—
has to follow three commands (found in Matthew 16:24-25):

1. Deny himself
2. Take up his cross daily
3. Follow Him

Are these words hard for you to believe?
That you really have to DENY yourself?
That you have to take up your cross daily
(in other words DIE to all that’s you?)

And that you actually have to follow in HIS footsteps?
Not simply in the same area as He is—
but actually FOLLOWING Him—
meaning literally walking in His steps!

It’s much easier to believe a “Jesus Lite” gospel—
one that promises happiness
and bliss
and lots of blessings.

But that’s not the gospel that Jesus came to proclaim.
Many of us have mistakenly bought into “Jesus Lite”—
a diet-form of Christ.

Jesus says that to be true followers of Him, we must DENY ourselves.

The original Greek word for “deny” means
“to refuse to associate with.”

The thought is . . . that if you want to be Christ’s disciple,
and receive forgiveness and eternal life,
you must refuse to associate any longer with the person you are!

You’re sick of your sinful self
and want nothing
to do with you anymore.

That’s the invitation Jesus offers.




I’m speaking in Elk River, WV Sept. 25-28.
Will you please pray for me?

6 replies
  1. Joanne Penrod
    Joanne Penrod says:

    Your devotionals are a blessing to me also, Our new Pastor is preaching on play church. It was a good message. Fits right in with this one. Cant wait to see you at our ladies retreat in Stow Ohio

  2. Brenda Lewis
    Brenda Lewis says:

    I apprecite you Bible lesson that keeps us focused on being a disciple of Christ.
    Brenda Lewis

  3. Sammy
    Sammy says:

    Great Bible principles! I will pray all goes well on your Elk River Trip. Such as Traveling Mercies, That The Holy Spirit has complete right away in all the services, & souls are saved!

  4. Janiece Mack
    Janiece Mack says:

    I’ll see you at Elk River on Sunday, Monday! Etc. Prayers and safe travel wishes!

  5. Brenda Tunnell
    Brenda Tunnell says:

    Susie! Love it! Jesus lite is a lie! The true Jesus has so much MORE for us! “Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!” Romans 11:33a


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