Knowing the Future

Seeing into the future is supposed to be impossible. BUT . . . if you travel to the Diomede Islands of the Bering Strait, the impossible becomes reality.

The Diomedes consist of two remote islands, Big Diomede (part of Russia) and Little Diomede (part of Alaska).

They’re only 2.4 miles apart, but the international date line runs in between them. This means that when you’re in the Alaskan fishing village of Little Diomede and looking at your Russian neighbor, you’re actually gazing into tomorrow.

It’s no wonder these landmasses have been nicknamed the Yesterday and Tomorrow islands.

Though we can’t technically see into the future, we know One who does!

“And don’t forget the many times I clearly told you what was going to happen in the future. For I am God—I only—and there is no other like me who can tell you what is going to happen.” (Isaiah 46:9-10 LB)

Our God is omniscient (He knows everything).
Our God is eternal (forever and ever).
Our God is the Alpha and Omega (the beginning and the end).

God is above time itself, being its Creator.
He’s not bound by time, nor is He constrained
by a linear time frame the way we are.

Because He’s God—and we’re not—we’re wise to trust Him in everything!

Are you trusting Him with everything in your life?
If you’re not sure, ask Him to reveal what you need to give to Him.

I love you!