Let’s Cry About It

The Old Testament prophet Jeremiah






Both were rejected and mistreated.

Though Jeremiah’s story can be depressing,

it CAN encourage us.


He was called a liar, (Jeremiah 43:2) . . .

was left in the mud at the bottom of a well to die . . . (Jeremiah 38:6), his Bible was burned (Jeremiah 36:23) . . .

he received a death sentence (Jeremiah 26:11) . . .

and he was beaten and put in stocks (Jeremiah 20:1-2).


No wonder he was called the “weeping prophet!”

I’d blubber like a baby if I were in his shoes.

But Jeremiah wasn’t weeping for himself!

He was weeping for those who had rejected Christ.

He was broken-hearted for the lost.


When was the last time you wept for someone who doesn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?


Let’s ask God to break our hearts for the lost.

Jeremiah experienced rejection and a lot of suffering.

But he kept preaching to those who refused to listen.

We can, too!





I’m speaking in Naperville, IL this weekend.

Will you pray for me?

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  11. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    I love these thoughts, Susie. I just recently led a ladies study on the book of Jeremiah, and it has been on of my favorites as it definitely has relevance to our day and age.
    We always keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


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