I recently read an article that mentioned a huge decline in sales
for specific products simply because many millennials
aren’t buying them.

Anyone remember these?
I used to love buying postcards while on vacation
and sending them to friends and family.
But why do that now when we can just snap a
pic with our phone and text it immediately?

The article I read stated that most millennials don’t
stock up on napkins. When someone comes over
for pizza, it’s much easier to simply tear off a paper towel
than purchasing napkins and paper towels. So napkins
aren’t on their “to buy” list.

Bars of soap
Most illennials prefer body wash to soap because
of the belief that a bar of soap sitting on top of the
tub—or in the shower—collects germs and dust.
(I use body wash, but I also use the old-fashioned
bar of soap as well.)

This one hurts, because cereal is my favorite meal
in the whole world! I LOVE CEREAL. But research shows
that millennials aren’t purchasing cereal because
it takes too much time in the mornings to open the box,
pour cereal into a bowl, clean the bowl and spoon,
and put the box of cereal back in the pantry. Grabbing
a piece of fruit is easier and faster.

I’m glad that God doesn’t stop interacting with me
because I take too much of His time, am inconvenient
or am too much trouble to “clean up.”

I can rest assured that I’ll never go out of style
with God. He’s not going to trade me in for a newer
style or someone who’s not as needy.

I’m comforted by the reminder James 1:17 gives me
that God never changes.

In a world where things can go in and out of style
in a New York minute, God is the constant in my life!


I’d appreciate your prayers this weekend as I speak in Nampa, ID.