Not Easy

In Matthew 7:14, Jesus proclaims that the gate leading to heaven is really small. And the road leading to that small gate is extremely narrow.

He goes on to say that few even find it!

How can that be?
We have millions in churches around the world every Sunday!

Could it be that most people who claim to be Christians
really aren’t even on the narrow road?

It’s not easy to be a Christian.
It’s not simply a matter of signing on the dotted line
and reciting words on a screen.

Redemption for sinners cost God His only Son.
It cost Christ His very life.
It will cost us no less.

Real Christianity—genuine faith—transforms the heart.
And when our hearts are changed, our behavior also changes.

Our desires change.
We no longer want the things the world has to offer.
Sin loses its appeal . . .
we hunger for holiness.
We yearn for more of Jesus.
Our hearts cry for intimacy with Him.

Priorities change.
It’s no longer about us.
It becomes all about Him.

EVERYTHING becomes about Him.
Our entertainment.
The way we relax.
How we dress.
How we spend our money.
The way we respond to injustice.

The narrow road isn’t announced
by a large exit sign on the interstate.
It’s found where we least expect it.
Sometimes thorns are seen growing next to it.
Sometimes we hug smelly people,
hold dirty hands
love those who are mean
in order to walk on the narrow road.

That’s hard.
But that’s where Jesus walked.
and I want to be inside His footsteps.








I’m speaking at the East Ohio District Ladies retreat this weekend.

Please pray for us.

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    you're brave and funny and a brilliant writer. In a fairer, parallel universe you'd be PM (ok, job-share PM with Sue Marsh), with fully functioning soft-tissues, not your pesky work-shy/false illness-belief ones…You're paying a huge price for (literally)speaking up. I too sincerely hope that the damn frog fecks off, and soon. Thank you.

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    Awww, you've practically made me famous!! Now everywhere I go, people will want foot rubs. 🙂 You are amazing and a creative genius! It was a joy to see you shine and to spend the entire Convention with you and Tandra! My owl sits next to the bunny you also made, and my kids think you are the coolest friend EVAH!

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    I love your stories. I grew up near Peoria, Il. My dad was a HUGE union guy. Anytime some plant would go on strike, he was the guy that would load up a truck with donated food and head to the union hall. We ate at lots of dives like you describe, and were treated like kings. Your story reminded me of those great meals, and an introduction to interesting foods… Thanks for this

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  14. Joanne Penrod
    Joanne Penrod says:

    This was our message in Stow Ohio at our ladies retreat! what a wonderful message! I don’t even want to delete this! I saw what I was doing wrong in my Christian walk and renewed to always follow Jesus no matter what my friends are doing.

  15. Brenda Tunnell
    Brenda Tunnell says:

    Susie, May Lord Jesus’ anointing flood your soul, and spill over to all the ladies at the retreat.
    We are enjoying DrDavid Busic at Camp Pinerock for Az SNC Pastors and spouses retreat! Wow!


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