Bananas have taught me an important lesson.

Did you know they’re radioactive?
Don’t worry.
You’re safe eating a banana for an afternoon snack
or mixed with your breakfast cereal.

But radioactivity happens when elements decay—and for bananas—this radioactivity comes from a potassium isotope called K-40. Still no need to worry . . . yet!

K-40 only makes up 0.012 percent of the atoms found in potassium, BUT K-40 can spontaneously decay . . . and that releases beta and gamma radiation.

That small amount of radiation is harmless in one banana, but here’s where it gets scary: What if you were inside of a big ol’ truckload of decaying bananas?

It’s been reported that once in a while, trucks carrying bananas have been known to fool radiation detectors designed to sniff out nuclear weapons. In fact, bananas are so well known for their radioactive properties that there’s even an informal radiation measurement named the Banana Equivalent Dose, or BED.

Still no worries—unless you decide to eat millions of bananas in one sitting. Then you’d get a lethal dose of radioactivity. But eating a million bananas in one sitting will also get you lots of other problems as well!

What’s your point, Pastor Susie?
I’m glad you asked.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could be spiritually radioactive—in a positive way—that would cause people to sit up and take notice?

We naturally want to stay away from radioactive elements.
But let’s imagine a positive twist on this—
Possessing an element so powerful that people couldn’t help but be drawn to us!

Oh, wait.
We DO have that!

The positive “element” is actually much more than an element.
It’s the Holy Spirit:
A very real person of the Trinity who lives within us,
guiding us,
empowering us,
and helping us be “Jesus with skin on”
to the world around us.

Let’s live Spirit-filled, radioactive lives in a dark world grasping for Truth!

I love you.
Pastor Susie

We only have two more weeks of our fun Superhero series. This Sunday we’ll hang out with Captain America, and next Sunday we’ll be with Spiderman. Can’t wait to see you on Sunday!