I was watching a Hallmark movie last week.
A lady was driving alone.
She screamed, “I can’t see!”
She was driving at night.
In a snowstorm.
Wearing sunglasses.

Uh . . .

It would be an understatement to point out the obvious, wouldn’t it?
Yet how often do we tend to think . . .
God seems so far.
Why aren’t I growing spiritually?
I need more victory in my life.

May I state the obvious?
If we’re not spending consistent time reading God’s Word . . .
if we’re not talking with Him—
and making time to listen . . .
if we’re not seeking Him with determination . . .
we’re just like the woman behind the wheel of a car
in a snowstorm
at night
wearing sunglasses
and complaining that we can’t see.

If you desire to grow closer to Christ this year,
make the important decision to read His Word.
If you’ll read three chapters of the Bible every day—
and read five chapters every Sunday—
you’ll finish the Bible in one year.

I like to do this each year.
Will you join me?
Yes, it will be tough at times
(when reading through the temple measurements
and a few other statistics) . . .
but determine to keep reading.

And let me know the DIFFERENCE
it has made in your life at the end of this year.
Guaranteed: It will make a difference.
A big one.

And for those of you who have committed
to memorizing Scripture with me this year,
let’s begin with 2 Corinthians 4:7-9.
I’m going to memorize it from The Living Bible.
Let me know if you’re joining me,
and tell me which translation or paraphrase you’re using.


I’m speaking at Westside Nazarene Church in Olathe, KS
this weekend. This is my first speaking event in 2018.
Please pray for God’s fresh anointing.

7 replies
  1. Pamela Uhl
    Pamela Uhl says:

    Susie, I’m forever grateful that when I was born again, I was challenged by Elisabeth Elliot’s radio program, Gateway to Joy, to read through the bible each year. So, since 1985, God has blessed and stretched and grown me beyond measure. This year is my 34th year of reading His Word through each year and keep track of which translation I read each year. He keeps revealing “new” parts! So glad for the challenge!

  2. Roberta Simon
    Roberta Simon says:

    Oh Susie, Count me in!!! I am old school…..KJV for me. But I really am old.

    I am also on board for the memory verse. I hope that is weekly.

  3. Billie-Jean Fowler
    Billie-Jean Fowler says:

    Yes, I would love to join you. The New Living translation has been ministering to me the past few months. So I will be using that translation also. Memory verse I’m in! Excited to be journeying along with you all. Much love in Christ!

  4. Iris
    Iris says:

    I read through the Bible last year, and am doing so again this year. I’ll also work on the memory verses—NASB.

  5. Angie Wilson
    Angie Wilson says:

    I started the Bible in One Year devotion plan yesterday using the you version app. I personally like the New Libing Translation. The nice thing about the app is you can invite friends to participate with you and share comments on what God is saying to you through the experience.

  6. Joanne Penrod
    Joanne Penrod says:

    I have read through the Bible and started again. It is hard all the begats and. Temple measurements and gross sacrifices. Jesus paid it all!

  7. Robin Scott
    Robin Scott says:

    I will join you in reading the Bible through and the memorization as well. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never read all the way through the Bible and the Lord has been convicting me about obedience in getting more into his word. So, I’m excited!!


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