(I’ve decided to repeat a portion of a devotion today that I printed
about a year ago, because prayer in the life of a believer is so

Do you realize that prayer is our greatest weapon
against satan? He fears prayer. It sends him and
his demons running.

There is power in prayer!
When we pray in the name of Jesus,
we are tossing grenades at satan.

Prayer is also our greatest connection to Christ.
Aren’t you glad His line is never busy?
Every time we pray in Jesus’ name,
we enter the Kingdom of heaven.

And our prayers make a difference.
Do you believe that?
Truly believe that?

Could your friends and loved ones have had a better day
yesterday if you’d prayed for them?

A few years ago, a friend asked me to pray for his niece who isn’t a
Christian. I prayed faithfully for two years. I saw him recently and
asked about his niece. “You asked me to pray for her, and I’ve been
doing that every day,” I said. “What’s the status?”

His response surprised me. “Oh, things aren’t any different,” he said.
“He’s not any closer to giving his life to Christ. But thanks for
reminding me. I should pray for him.”

Even if he has stopped praying for his niece, I still pray for her.

Another friend asked me to pray for a co-worker who has been
diagnosed with cancer. I prayed for her daily. One day I asked how
she was doing, and my friend responded with: “I think she’s the
same. I should probably check in with her. And I need to pray for her

Why ask someone else to pray for your request if you’re not willing to
take it to the Lord every single day yourself?

Prayer isn’t to be taken lightly.

Have you considered that NOT praying for someone
can be a sin?

“As for me, far be it from me that I should sin
against the LORD by failing to pray for you.” (1
Samuel 12:23 NIV)

Kind of makes you want to make prayer a priority, doesn’t it!


I’d appreciate your prayers for me this weekend as I speak in Swartz
Creek, MI.