Real Christianity:
The True Cost of Following Jesus

Many people have turned Jesus into Gumby—someone they can bend, flex and manipulate into being the god they want him to be.

Gumby Jesus gospel says we’ll all go to heaven in the end, and that Jesus is always patient and kind. This is actually a perverted gospel, and this is not the Jesus of Scripture.

I don’t want Gumby Jesus. Nor do I want a diet form of Jesus. God doesn’t call us to Christianity Lite. He calls us to an all-out commitment.

In Luke 14:25-28, Jesus Himself tells us to count the cost before we follow Him. Why do you think He said that? So we could take out a loan, get a grant, progress in stages?

He told interested followers and would-be disciples to count the cost, because the cost is great. It costs us everything to follow Jesus.

Many followers are being persecuted for their faith as I write this. Pastors being tossed into prison like yesterday’s trash; Wives watching their husbands give their lives for the gospel; Students being bullied and ostracized because of their faith; Believers losing their jobs because of their commitment to the Lord.

Christ-followers around the world know the high cost of being a disciple.
Do we?

Jesus isn’t looking for half-hearted believers or those willing to give Him their free time. The true cost of following Him is everything.

And the blessings are eternal.


We don’t want Gumby Jesus.
We want the Son of God, Jesus Christ Himself.
Mighty One.

Thank You, Jesus.
The cost is high, but You set the example by giving ALL of Yourself.
Empower us to do the same.