Snakes and Storms

I just returned from my annual two-week missions trip.

We were in Costa Rica this summer.

327 people accepted Christ through our ministry.

Wow! God is so very faithful!

How He blessed blessed!

What an amazing ministry-adventure.

We’re going to Peru next summer.

Email me if you’re interesting in coming. (

Right now I’m now in Michigan—speaking at a family camp for a week, and here’s what’s rattling around inside my head . . .

We know that the book of Acts chronicles the apostle Paul’s adventures, trials, blessings and setbacks.


At one point, God tells Paul to make the trip to Rome so he can preach the gospel there. The Lord also promises that no storm or snake would stop him. But in Acts 28:5, we notice that a snake attacks Paul. And we also know that the book of Acts is filled with accounts of Paul’s troubled sea voyages and shipwrecks.


What gives?


God never breaks His Word.

He always keeps His promises.

Yes, He DID promise that no snake or storm would stop Paul, but He didn’t keep Paul from the snake or storm.


While God didn’t provide an easy road for Paul, He did continually create amazing opportunities out of Paul’s setbacks.


And in Acts 28:5, we see Paul simply shake the snake off.


I often fret about a “snake”—something that has bitten me or gets in my way or frustrates me. But with God’s power within me, maybe I should be “shaking it off”—knowing that God will enable me to continue on the path He has led me.


Been bitten by any snakes lately?

Weathered any storms?

God has promised these things won’t stop us!



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  1. Joanne Penrod
    Joanne Penrod says:

    Well another good message! I was asking God for Him to open a place for me to move. Two doors opened but they are now closed. Im sure God has a better place in mind for me. God is always in control! Praise God.


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