Spiritual Renewal

If Jesus needed to spend time in renewal,
how much more do we!

Let’s face it:
family responsibilities,
job stress,
relationship woes,
and simply the everyday routine of life
can wear us down.

That’s why I’ve put together the perfect spiritual renewal
adventure. If Alaska is on your bucket list, you can cross it off by
joining me on the Susie Shellenberger Ministries “Friends & Family
Alaskan Adventure” June 1-8, 2019.

Even though it’s several months away, RIGHT NOW is the time
to decide to put down your deposit and make plans to participate.

We’ll have our own special services together where I’ll be
speaking—along with a friend of mine Kathy Slamp—who has spoken
on several Alaskan cruises as a naturalist. She has an exciting
ministry and is gifted at intertwining the Alaskan beauty with spiritual

We’ll be cruising on the Holland America line—a fantastic fleet
of ships that has your comfort at the top of the list.

If whale-watching, dog-sledding, touring quaint little cities in the
Alaskan ports we stop in, fishing, and a lot of other activities interest
you, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Or . . . you can simply stay on board the ship the entire time
and enjoy free room service, the fun shows, and of course our own
special services together. This will truly be the spiritual renewal
you’ve been yearning for.

If you want more information, email our cruise liaison, Carla
Pryor: carlaray@aol.com

OR email me with your complete mailing address if you’d like to
receive a full-color brochure through regular mail.

Oh! Holland America is allowing me to give a $50 credit to
each room! You can use it for anything you want—an excursion, the
gift shop, tips, whatever!

I’d LOVE to spend a week with you enjoying spiritual growth
through our services and seeing God through His natural and
amazing beauty in Alaska!

Please pray for me this weekend.
I’m excited to be performing my nephew Scott Shellenberger’s

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