Susie’s Devotion-A-Week: False Messages

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  1. Joanne penrod
    Joanne penrod says:

    Love listening to your blog! Almost done with Masterpiece! What a thought provoking book!

  2. Phil Gilmore
    Phil Gilmore says:

    I heard you at Pittsburgh District Family Camp. Hearing you brought back a memory. I’m certain that I heard you speaking at a youth conference via a recording made for Dr. James Dobson and played on the radio. I used to listen to his radio program before I was saved years ago. So in a small way, I believe that your work for the lord played a part in my salvation. I have been meaning to send you a note to let you know this (because I know that we often never hear positive feedback) but did not have your email addy. Hope this finds you in good health and strength in the Lord.
    Phil Gilmore


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