Susie’s Devotion A Week: Taking A Spiritual Risk

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  1. Joanne Penrod
    Joanne Penrod says:

    Hi Susie, I love your blog and hope to see you in Stow Ohio this fall. I help with funeral dinners at our church and then take the leftovers to the homeless shelter if Im allowed. Im not in charge you see. This week is our church turn to feed the homeless shelter and I will be taking part in that. I feel it is what Jesus wants me to do. I also met a friend on face book who is Muslim. This person has nothing to do with Isis. They are afraid of them too. this person lives and works in the United States.. They believe Jesus is a Prophet and I told them they are wrong and Jesus is our Messiah and He is coming back and I don’t want you to miss out my friend. Ive been praying for my new friend.


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