The Walking Dead?

It’s an interesting story.

After Elisha the prophet was buried (and a few years had gone by), some Israelites were burying a man but noticed a gang of raiders quickly approaching. Knowing time was short, they quickly tossed the dead man’s body inside the tomb of Elisha and ran for safety.

(You can read the story in 2 Kings 13:20-21.)


The body of the dead man touched Elisha’s bones . . .

and that’s where this little two-verse story takes a fascinating turn!

As soon as dead body touched Elisha’s bones,

the dead man


came to life!


Coffins weren’t used by the Jews.

And the graves of the Jews weren’t holes dug in the ground

like those found in our modern-day cemeteries.

Dead bodies were usually tossed into caves—

and the mouth of the cave was shut by a large stone.



What can this interesting little story teach us?

Three things:


Thing #1:  Through giving life to the dead body through Elisha’s bones, God confirmed the authority and ministry He had given Elisha. We hope those who witnessed this miracle embraced

Elisha’s faith in God.


God had promised Elisha that He would give him a

“double portion” of the power that He had given to Elijah.

This final miracle fulfilled the promise of the “double portion.”


Thing #2:  This story also shows us that by Christ’s

death and burial, Christians can view the grave as a calm

and peaceful passage to eternal life.


We don’t need to fear death.

We will live forever with Christ.


And Thing #3? Ahhhh. That’s coming next week!




I’m speaking in Nixa, MO.

Thanks so much for your much-appreciated prayers!

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  1. Joanne Penrod
    Joanne Penrod says:

    Prayers for your speaking engagement. Oh how obedient you are !
    Prayers for you upcoming speaking engagement. I am in the middle of a move so I don’t have time to get on my computer and with the upcoming election I would just rather stay off of face book until after the election. God Bless You Susie


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