Tommy Boy
(Reminder: I’m doing an A to Z devotional blog.)

I think one disciple out of the 12 got a bad rap. We all know him as “Thomas, the Doubter.” While it’s true, he did doubt the resurrection of Christ—at first— Scripture doesn’t show him doubting any other times.

Can we admit that hearing someone has risen from the dead is a bit hard to believe? Some of the other disciples had actually seen the empty tomb. It was easier for them to believe because they’d seen the evidence.

Let’s look at another time in Scripture when Thomas professed incredible faith.

“ . . . [Jesus] said to his disciples, ‘Let’s go to Judea.’ But his disciples objected. ‘Master,’ they said, ‘only a few days ago the Jewish leaders in Judea were trying to kill you. Are you going there again?’ ” (John
11:5 8 LB)

In other words, “Are You serious, Jesus? Don’t You realize how dangerous this is? This is beyond a bad idea. This is extreme danger!”

While the other 11 disciples are objecting, let’s eavesdrop on what Thomas says:

“Thomas . . . said to his fellow disciples, ‘Let’s go too—and die with him.’ ” (John 11:16 LB)

Thomas was ready to die for His Savior. His faith was planted firmly in His Redeemer. His response is bold, but it also seems matter-of-fact:

“ ‘Let’s go too—and die with him.’ ”

In other words, “Isn’t this what following Christ truly means? Giving it all. Total surrender. Even to the point of death.”

What an enormous statement of Thomas’ faith in Christ. Are we living out this same kind of faith?


I’m leaving for West Virginia. I’ll be speaking at the WV North and South district camp-meeting all next week. Please join me in praying for God-blessed services.