This is the photo on the envelope.
Cute little Chinese Bamboo Tree plant.
You like it and decide to plant it.

After all, you know the process for growing a tree:
Plant it.
Water it.
Fertilize it.
Make sure it gets sun.
Enjoy the tree!

The Chinese Bamboo Tree is completely different.
You plant it.
Water it.
Fertilize it.
Make sure it gets sun.
But for the entire first year, nothing happens.

The second year rolls around, and you water it . . .
fertilize it . . . make sure it gets sun . . . and maybe even talk to it.

No change.
The third year approaches and you have determined not to give up.
You water it.
Fertilize it.
Make sure it gets sun.
Talk to it.
Maybe even sing to it.

Absolutely nothing.
You’re still looking at that bare patch of ground.

You enter the fourth year with this thing.
Water it.
Fertilize it.
Make sure it gets sun.
Talk to it.
Sing to it.
Maybe even pray for it.
And . . . still . . . NOTHING!
Good grief!
You’re wondering why you even planted this thing in the first place.

The fifth year comes around and you repeat the same ol’ cycle.
And within six weeks of the fifth year . . .
suddenly . . . astonishingly . . . amazingly . . .
that Chinese bamboo tree shoots up to 90 feet!
In just six weeks!
It’s growing so fast, you can almost WATCH it.

Did it take six weeks to grow?
No. It took years.
You see, for five years it was establishing an incredibly deep
root system underground that would enable it to survive
the rapid growth above ground.
The Chinese who grow this bamboo tree have faith
that if they’ll keep watering it and fertilizing the ground,
the tree will eventually break through.
Maybe you’re wondering if the dream God planted in your heart
will ever become reality.
Or if your marriage will survive.
Or (you fill in the blank.)

Walt Disney was fired from his first job and told he didn’t have any
good ideas.

Henry Ford watered his “bamboo tree” through five business failures
before he finally found success with the Ford Motor Company.

Richard Hooker watered his “bamboo tree” for seven years and was
rejected by 21 publishers until the humorous novel he’d written,
MASH, became a best-seller, a movie and one of the longest-running
TV series of all time.

Don’t give up!
Keep watering (continue to pray).
Keep fertilizing (continue to read the Bible).
Keep growing spiritually (spend a lot of time with the Son).
We’re told in Revelation 3:7 when God opens a door,
no one can shut it!
His door for your life may not open immediately . . .
but His timing is perfect.
Have faith.


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