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King Xerxes—the ruler of Persia—is found in the Book of Esther. He ruled from 486 to 465 BC, and he’s the one who got mad at his wife, Queen Vashti, took away her crown and excommunicated her from his presence.

Why did he get so angry with her? Well, King Xerxes was a mess. He threw a 180 day party for the nobles, princes and anyone of royalty. Next, he sponsored a seven-day drinking spree for everyone in the city of Susa from the least to the greatest. In other words, if you lived in Susa, this wicked party was for you.

He served wine in golden goblets for seven straight days!
Can you imagine the drunken stupor of an entire city?

On the seventh day, when he was so drunk he was vulgar in all he thought and did, he commanded Queen Vashti to come into the party and prance around the drunken men. Why? Simply so they could lust after her beautiful body.

This would have been a dangerous thing for Vashti to do. So she declined. But King Xerxes demanded. Vasthi declined. And because of his anger, he announced she’d no longer be queen.

Here’s where Esther enters the scene. We won’t go into her full story, but this young woman, left as an orphan, living as a slave, and serving the lust of a king, became the heroine of Israel.

Her brave actions saved a nation and led the Jewish people to a new level of influence in Susa.

Regardless of the evil around us, God wants to use each one of US in His beautiful story. In spite of a lustful king, God used Esther to save His chosen people.


Announcement: This past Sunday, I accepted the role of pastor at Lakeview Park Church of the Nazarene here in OKC . . . just 10 minutes from my house. I’m excited about this new adventure God is giving me! I’ll still travel and speak on an extremely limited basis, but my top priority will be to invest in the lives of the people in my flock. Will you pray for me as I follow God’s leading?