In Bondage

The Israelites—God’s chosen people—were in bondage a long time.

“Now the length of time the Israelite people lived in Egypt was 430
years” (Exodus 12:40 NIV).

The Israelites were slaves of Pharaoh, and he treated them harshly.
He had them beaten and forced them to make bricks in the hot sun.
They were tired, thirsty, oppressed and living without hope.

Four hundred thirty years is a loooong time to be in bondage.
None of us have been in bondage 430 years.
But to be in bondage for even one day is too long.

Anything that keeps us from becoming all God wants us to be is
considered bondage.

Some of the things that keep us in bondage are . . .
Low self-esteem.


The list can go on and on.

Why not ask God to reveal anything in your life that could have you in

He set the Israelites free . . . and He is willing to set you free as well!


Please pray for me this weekend as I speak in Anderson, MO.

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  1. Cialischeap
    Cialischeap says:

    Self discipline is when we acknowledge God in all our ways, not in a mere agreement, but in active following through choices made and acted upon. God”s word is a light that must be followed. It can only inform us, but will never manipulate us against our will. However, if we surrender our will and then ACT on His will, He will impart grace, though it will still require a determined effort on our part to obey and act. That determination is required because we must deny our own natural desires to follow God”s “good, acceptable and perfect will”(Romans 12:2). As for knowing, Jesus said the Holy Spirit would “convince the world” of what they need to know(John 16:8). We also can pray for God to show us, instruct and teach us, etc, but we then must act(Ps 32:8; 139:23, 24). God will instruct us through His word and if acting upon what we do understand, He will teach us what we cannot understand without His help(John 7:17, Rev 1:1). God cannot guide the insincere. Faith is an action, not merely a belief. If not acting, we deny the belief don”t we? God leaves the choosing and acting with us, where self-discipline is revealed if it exists. Amen! ( 0 )

  2. Camille
    Camille says:

    May God’s love, and light shine though you to his people. Helping his people out of there bondage.

  3. Sandy Morey.
    Sandy Morey. says:

    Susie you have amazing energy and enthusiasm! You will make a huge inpact on the group you speak to!!

  4. Nancy Prien
    Nancy Prien says:

    Susie, you will do great. Wish I had your wisdom.I just prayed for you to do good there and back home safely. God bless you. Nancy Prien


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