Some What Ifs

Imagine this scene:

It’s Sunday morning.
People are gathering and finding a seat in your church.
The music begins as some are still chatting in the aisles.
Everyone joins in the familiar song. Excitement fills the
sanctuary. God’s presence is among His children. Praise is lifted from
the instruments as well as from hearts throughout the church. There’s
a pause in the music as folks turn and greet each other.
Announcements are given.

You sit down and open your wallet to prepare for the morning
offering, but as you glance around the church, you notice the ushers
aren’t moving forward with the offering plates.

The pastor faces the congregation and says, “We’re not taking
an offering this morning.”

We always take an offering.
What’s going on?
“We’re not taking an offering, because I’m asking you stop
giving,” your pastor says.
“Seriously. Please stop giving. We have more than enough.”

* * *

This actually happened!
We find the story in Exodus 36:6.

“Then Moses gave an order and they sent this word throughout
the camp: ‘No man or woman is to make anything else as an offering
for the sanctuary.’ And so the people were restrained from bringing
more, because what they already had was more than enough to do
all the work.’ ” (NIV)

Hard to believe, isn’t it?
Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “You can’t outgive God.”
These people knew firsthand the truth of that statement!

Do we know this truth?

What would it be like to give God so much, that we’re
“restrained” from giving more? Let’s imagine a few what ifs.
What if we made it our goal to try and outgive God? By that, I
mean what if we just gave and gave and gave—and did so joyfully?
What if we gave more than 10 percent in tithes and offerings?
What if we gave our time?
What if we gave our talents, our skills, our gifts?
What if we gave ourselves?
What if we gave to those around us?

What would happen if we actually made these what ifs reality?


4 replies
  1. Avtor
    Avtor says:

    I”ll have to disagree with you Andrew, I think you”re a bit confused. You absolutely can lift a uni-body vehicle, every seen an old Jeep Cherokee? Silverado and Sierra lifts are not a “body lift, they are a suspension lift just like you can do to any vehicle, frame or not. All modern Jeeps besides the Wranger are unibody and have higher suspension lifts available as a trim. The Grand Cherokee is a uni-body vehicle and although, yes the drivetrain layout is completely different, if you look at how the suspension operate and mounts to the vehicle, it”s nearly identical to the Acadia with IFS and IRS, coil springs/strut assemblies. They are lifted often without issue, same goes for the Patriot which is a transverse engine, New Cherokee, Renegade, etc. I”ve lifted a Saturn before, Yes, a Saturn Ion. Space the struts out and add taller springs. It was done as a joke vehicle, but it can be done. Most vehicles, including full frame vehicles with IFS or IRS may need sub frame or axle drops to keep axle shaft angles in check over a couple inches of suspension lift.

  2. Fawn Scott
    Fawn Scott says:

    Hi Susie
    Yes this really encouraged me! I love to give a hug a smile and a prayer and I love yo encourage people as well. I still believe that we can’t outgive God because hie and his being is love and he supplies our needs beyond measure ! I have been taken advantage of so I try to do this with more careThat verse has always intrested me though. Yours in Christ Fawn

  3. Joanne penrod
    Joanne penrod says:

    Looking to move closer to my church so I can be more involved. Moved closer to my kids and love that little Y I joined . Now I think God is leading me back. I feel I would be disobeying Him if I didn’t. Really torn

    • Becca Sharp
      Becca Sharp says:

      I had a similar experience, Joanne. I am a freshman in college, and I have grown up a musician. God gave me a heart for teaching people, so I started college as a music education major. This is what I felt my calling was and what made sense to me because, I don’t want to sound prideful, but I am good at what I do in percussion. I didn’t even dream up another possible career or future for myself, but God called me into Mass Communications. I tried everything in my power to prove God wrong, but, as you would expect, it didn’t work. To make a long story short, I chose to move to Mass Comm, and despite getting enormous amounts of grief from my former percussion instructor and former band mates, it has been the best decision I have ever made for myself. Take heart because God always has a reason for everything He does!

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