A Warm Beverage

Dr. Pepper was first served around 1885 at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store in Waco, Texas. The drink was created by Charles Alderton in an effort to capture the fruity and syrupy smells wafting through the store.

The drink was briefly marketed as a warm beverage, a plan that was developed to ensure the brand’s continued popularity throughout the colder holiday months.

Hot Dr. Pepper was first conceived of in 1958, when a new recipe developed by the company that encouraged consumers to heat Dr. Pepper over a stovetop to 180 degrees and then pour it over a thin slice of lemon.

This drink was marketed in ads using the tagline “Winter Warmer.”

Hot Dr. Pepper remained a beloved holiday drink into the 1970s, and though it has since faded in popularity, the beverage continues to be made each year by certain pockets of loyal fans.

You know what else is served well during cold weather?
AND during hot weather?
God’s Word.

Whether you’re sitting in front of a cozy fire,
relaxing in the sun,
stretched out on the couch,
propped up by a few pillows in bed,
or sitting in your fave chair . . .

God’s Word is always ready to be served.
The question is: Are you receiving it?

Hot or cold, lukewarm or frozen, His Word is always relevant.
“Your word, Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens.”
(Psalm 119:89 NIV)

You are so loved!
Pastor Susie