Still Growing

All male African elephants have tusks, but it can go either way with female elephants, depending on their genetics. But besides the fact their tusks are made of coveted ivory, here’s an interesting fact about those precious tusks:

They never stop growing.

Neither do human ears . . . but that doesn’t have anything to do with this
Just thought you’d enjoy that bit of trivia.

An elephant’s tusks begin showing at two years of age. And after that?
They just keep growing!

Elephants can live to about 60 years old in the wild, so their tusks can get really, really long. Oftentimes they almost reach the ground, and these tusks weigh around 100 pounds each.

Though God designed our human ears to keep growing (and aren’t you glad they never grow to 200 pounds!), He also desires that we never stop growing spiritually.

Just like tusks on an elephant, our spiritual growth should continue every single day after we commit our lives to our Savior.

What specifically are you doing to grow spiritually?

I love you!