(Reminder: I’m doing another A to Z devotional.)


I admit I’m taking a bit of liberty with this one. The Bible doesn’t actually mention the word campfire, but campfires are in the Bible. My favorite campfire is found in John 21:3-13

Here’s the story:

Jesus was falsely arrested. Falsely accused. Beaten. Tortured to the point where he no longer looked human. Peter denied knowing Him and fled.

Jesus died.
Three days later, Peter saw the empty tomb. And he believed.
But how could Christ use him now?
He was a loser.
He failed.
And failed big time.

So Peter returned to his former life—something he KNEW he was good at: FISHING.

He and a few of the disciples grabbed their nets, climbed aboard the boat and headed out to familiar territory—the sea.

They stayed out all night. Strange. They knew the best fishing spots. But for some reason —nothing!

Let’s push the fast-forward button: Jesus sees them from the beach and shouts the instruction to toss their nets on the other side of the boat. The disciples are no doubt thinking, Been there. Done that. But they did it anyway. And the nets almost broke because of the huge haul.

Jesus starts a campfire on the beach and shouts for the disciples to bring in the fish they have caught. Once they have reached shore, they grab some of the catch and enjoy a fish fry with their Savior.

It’s over this campfire, the disciples see the risen Messiah making breakfast for them. It’s over this campfire that Jesus reinstates Peter. It’s over this campfire, they are reminded that the Creator of the universe cares about their every need . . . even their breakfast.

Guess what—Jesus invites you to breakfast. Every day. He yearns to spend uninterrupted time with you. So have breakfast with Him. He offers breakfast 24/7. So it’s OK if you have breakfast at 10 p.m. Just make sure you get WITH Him every single day and have intimate conversations.

It’s a two-sided thing. He invited the disciples to participate: “Bring some of the fish you caught.” He wants your participation in His time with you.

Keep meeting with Him for Bible reading and prayer every day. Call it devotions. Call it quite time. Call it breakfast. Just do it!

And it’s ok to start a campfire . . . as long as it’s outside.