standing in them;
going through them.

Doorways are powerful places.
One door can change everything in your life.
One door can bring water to float your boat. (Think Noah)
One door can open a season that you’ve never walked through.

The Bible teaches us in 2 Samuel that David walked thru a door—and he walked through the door a shepherd—but he walked out the door a king.

I believe God is setting us up for our greatest season as the Body of Christ. But to get there, we need to walk through doorways of new seasons.

Jesus tells us in John 10:10 that if we’ll walk through His door, we’ll get abundant life.

If we walk through the Kingdom doorway, we get everything else IN the
Forgiveness. Purpose. Everlasting love.
Authority. Favor. Direction.

If you want all this, you must walk through the spiritual door God is opening
for you.

In 2 Kings, the Old Testament prophet Elisha walked through an amazing
door. And the Shunamite woman and her husband who built the door, also
had an incredible door experience.

When God opens a door, no one can shut it.
And when God closes a door, no one can open it. (See Revelation 3.)

Maybe you need to know things are about to shift.
You’re standing in a doorway.

Go on through.

It’s God’s timing.
This is your moment, and He wants to bring you into a new season.

This is the appointed time.

Close the door on the dead season and walk through the door God is opening for your new season.

What is this door?
It’s a spiritual door of greater intimacy with your Savior.
More depth.
Increasing connectivity.
Aligning yourself more specifically to His will.

If you have a genuine relationship with Him, you have to the key to walk through any door He opens.

And the exciting thing is that He just keeps opening them!
No matter how old, or confused, or feeble, or distraught, you may be,
for you.

This is the appointed time.
Take His hand and go on through.