For the past week, the death of African American George Floyd has saturated the media. Stores have been looted, cars demolished, more people injured, riots have exploded, and America is looking for answers.

Let’s focus on the fact that even now Christ yearns to bring hope and healing into our world, our relationships and our hearts.

Even now . . . in June . . . it’s a great time to reflect on a well-known Christmas song:

“O little town of Bethlehem

(Minneapolis, NYC, L.A., or your own city),

“how still we see thee lie.

(We CAN lie still and have genuine peace when Christ rules our hearts).

“Above thy deep and dreamless sleep

(Having solid, sweet sleep can indeed be a wonderful gift),

“the silent stars go by.

(The earth still rotates, the universe still breathes, creation continues to flow even when we humans simply sleep right through it all).

“Yet in thy dark streets shineth

(We’re certainly living in a time of darkness, aren’t we? Rioters flood the streets, people are searching for hope, and anger has personified itself) . . .

“the everlasting Light”

(What!? Even in the midst of this kind of deep darkness, there’s a light? Yes, it’s a supernatural and everlasting Light. And in THIS Light there is no darkness.)

Here it comes.

You ready?

Get this:

“The hopes and fears of all the years

(All the yearnings, dreaming and hoping from all mankind throughout t-i-m-e)

“are met in Thee tonight.”

(God is our HOPE. He interjects Himself right smack inside of our fears, darkness, rioting hearts and empty lives.)

Everything we yearn for—peace, meaning, healing—is found in Him.

Even now.

I hope this ministers to you today.

I’m praying that EVERY SINGLE ONE who reads my little blog

will be not only reminded—but truly blessed—with God’s genuine hope today . . . in the midst of our dark streets . . . even now.


I also want to, again, express my deep gratitude to those of you who pray for me and the ministry to which God has called me. A few of you have even sent a financial donation. You are God’s answer to my prayers.