I have a routine.

Each morning I enjoy my quiet time with the Lord—reading from His
Word and talking with Him. Then I get on the computer and answer e-mails, etc. Afterward, I take Amos and Bentley on their morning walk.

When we get back home, I usually open my laptop again and do
some writing. Amos and Bentley settle onto the couch for a nap. At some
point during my time on the computer, each dog will come to me at
separate times and stand right next to my desk and look up at me.

I pick him up and fold my arms around him as he rests his head on
my shoulder. I can feel him completely relax within my grasp—happy to be held by one who loves him unconditionally.

Keep in mind, we’ve already gone through our getting out of bed and
getting ready for the day routine. I’ve scratched their little heads, rubbed
their tummies and talked with them. We’ve already walked together. But
still, each one needs to be held and loved by me.

I like that.

It reminds me of me.

Each day—even though I’ve already spent time in the Word and
prayer—I still need to feel my Father’s arms around me. I need to simply
rest my head on His shoulders, and I love to completely relax in His grip.
He gives me the security I need.

I’ve read the same thing happens with a flock of sheep. At some point
during their day of grazing, each sheep will leave the flock and seek the
shepherd—simply to receive personal attention from him.

It makes sense that we as sheep need our Shepherd.

Bottom line: We just all want to be loved, don’t we? And Christ does
this better than anyone else! Determine to crawl in His lap today. Ask Him to wrap His arms tightly around you. And learn to relax in His grip.

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his
riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19 ESV)

I’d love to know your thoughts!