Get Going!

Many times when Jesus healed someone in the Bible,
He told them to get up or to go after He had touched them.

• The paralyzed man at the pool of Bethesda (John 5).“Get up.”
• Another paralytic man in Matthew 9. “Get up.”
• The woman with the diseased blood (Luke 8). “Go in peace.”
• A leper (Mark 1). “Go.”
• The blind man (Mark 8). “Jesus sent him . . .”
• A man who was born blind (John 9). “Go.”
• The man who had dropsy (Luke 14). “He sent him on his way.”
• The 10 lepers (Luke 17). “Go.”

In each of the above situations, Jesus didn’t hold their hands
and pull them up or guide them home. He healed them—
and in His strength, they moved.

But THEY had to move.

Often we pray about a specific area in our lives in which we
desire God to work. He’s always willing to help us—but that doesn’t
mean He will do the moving FOR us. He wants US to get up.

He brought Lazarus back to life, but He didn’t carry him out of the
grave. “Lazarus, come forth!” Lazarus had to get up and go.
Is there something you’ve been praying about but haven’t actually put
your prayer into action? It could be that God has touched you, but
NOW you need to respond by moving.


Please pray for me this week as I speak in Science Hill, KY.

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