Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Maybe you’ve been taught that it’s impolite to ask for more.

But I’ve discovered a place where it’s expected and desired for you to ask for more!


At the feet of Jesus.

He desires us to want more of Him!

So each day I’m asking, “Give me more of You, Jesus!”

And just what does Jesus have?

Well . . . everything!

Peace, kindness, power to overcome, joy, wisdom, authority over satan, gentleness, confidence, discernment . . . the list never ends.


In his book Sparkling Gems, author Rick Renner says this:

“The day you chose to make Jesus your Lord and Savior is the day He delegated to you the power and authority to become a child of God. Think of it—at that moment of decision, all the power, authority, and divine influence that is resident within the mighty name of Jesus Christ came to live on the inside of you!”



How much of Jesus and His gifts are you living with?

Too many Christians are living with about 75 percent of all Jesus has to give. I want more. I want it all.


That’s why I’m at His feet today saying, “Gimme, gimme, gimme!”

Let’s make our prayer, “Empty myself of me, Jesus, and give me ALL of YOU.”


This weekend I’m speaking in Roswell, NM. Please pray for God to be in complete charge of our services.


Thoughts about “Gimme”?

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