Jesus Lite

I have fond memories of being able to purchase $3 worth of chocolate-covered peanuts from the candy counter at Sears Department store when I was a little girl.

The candy counter has been gone for a long time,
and the peanuts, popcorn and chocolates have been
replaced with flat-screen TVs, tablets and remotes.

The more I travel and speak (43 weeks/weekends each year),
I’m seeing churches filled with folks who believe they can order a specific amount of Jesus.
A “diet form” of the real thing.
A “Jesus Lite” if you will.

They don’t want all of Jesus—
Just enough to make them feel good on Sunday mornings.
But guess what—
God isn’t giving away only a little bit of Jesus.
God isn’t into “Jesus Lite.”

It’s an all-or-nothing deal.
Jesus Himself told us to count the cost before we say we’re going to follow Him (see Luke 14:25-34).

So how much does it actually cost to follow Him?











(Yes, this big space is intentional. I want to give you time to let the answer soak in.)







It will cost you absolutely













(Again, intentional space. Think about it before you continue reading.)








Absolutely everything means . . .

And everything isn’t $3 worth of Jesus.
Everything will never be “Jesus Lite.”

I’ll share more next week.




[I’m speaking at the Fall revival at Ohio Christian University next week. Please pray for God’s presence to be all over the place.)

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  1. Gerald D. Moran
    Gerald D. Moran says:

    Praying for Ohio Christian University! Please let us know of victories or needs of prayer. May the Spirit annoint you with the power to bring the resources of heaven and earth to your hearers.

  2. Brenda Tunnell
    Brenda Tunnell says:

    Hallelujah for this TRUTH, Susie! It is from our LORD Himself!
    Come, Holy Spirit, in Your POWERFUL ANOINTING on Susie. May the enemy fall before the Ancient of Days!


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